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RV Park Reviews: Plan Ahead For A Great Stay!
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RV Park Reviews: Plan Ahead for A Great Stay!

Whether you RV travel occasionally, or you are a full time RV living enthusiast, planning ahead on an upcoming road trip always leads to a better trip overall. The biggest part of the plan is always where to park the RV when you get where you want to go. How do you find a campground? Which ones are best? What facilities does the campground have? Where can I find this information? Are there RV park reviews that talk about the park I want to visit?

In the years that we have traveled around the country, we have used various sources to find great places to stay. Some we have learned to trust more than others. It just depends on the people who visit these sites. Are they folks who only tent camp or are they people of all types that travel in various types of RV’s? It makes a difference when you are looking for an RV park that is compatible with your tastes. Can you trust the RV park reviews you are reading?

These are the sources that Hilga and I have come to trust:


Goodsam RV Club

Passport America

RV Park Reviews

Once we decide on a new location we want to visit, I start visiting these web sights and look for RV parks in the area based on location to my destination, ease of access, pull through or back in sites, big rig friendly, 50 amp service, full hookups, and other services they offer.

When we started out RVing years ago we used to use KOA quite a bit, but most of their parks are now older and don’t seem to be keeping up with our needs. We are a big rig and we have had issues in the past just getting through to our site. One park acted like we had never driven an RV before as their entrance road would not allow a sixty-foot rig in without running over there grass - the roads were too narrow!

Woodalls is a good place to start looking for an RV park as they visit and pretty honestly review most parks around the country. If a park does not have a Woodalls review I usually don’t bother visiting the park. I am looking for certain things and Woodalls provides the information I am looking for. Once I have located a park, then I go to Passport America to see if they are a participating member. Sometimes Woodalls will identify them as such but I always double check.

I like Passport America because they offer fifty percent off member discounts to their parks listed rates. Since they have a large network of parks around the country, chances are I can find one that is offering a deal in the location I am visiting, or passing through. Hilga and I like to travel in the slower seasons so we always get the best rates that way.

The final place I visit is the website RV Park Reviews. This website is the best place to get the real feel of what a campground is like. It is well used and folks always seem to post their feelings, good and bad, about the places they have stayed. I have rarely found the information to be inaccurate.

Having said that, remember that everyone is looking for something different when they travel. I have a large full time RV living rig, so I need different things than the guy with the pop-up trailer and five kids. So when reading these reviews you have to look a little deeper to see who is actually posting the comment. If you check their other RV park review posts you can quickly learn more about their particular RV lifestyle to see if their comments relate to what you are looking for.

Using this method has worked well for us! We have visited many RV parks, saved lots of money, and always enjoyed our stays. And after our visit I faithfully post my comments to the RV Park Reviews website to help others find a park suitable for their needs.

So, I hope this information will help you to find RV parks when you travel! A little planning ahead before you go will assure that your RV travels will continue to be awesome! Franz and Hilga wish you many happy and safe travels!

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