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Food And You
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I'm always amazed at our lack of understanding of food and it's relationship to our body and the state of our health. It always seem like common sense to me that the human body has it's own consciousness and if not treated with respect it has the ability to come back at a later date and call us on it. Uncle game over.

I am in the health care industry business with my family helping the disable with their mobility providing them with a power chair and other necessary stuff that becomes ones way of life. Some people have had a stroke of bad luck and for what ever reason found themselves in the hands of what could be a bigger problem.


pharmaceutical drugs seem to help somewhat but also create long term damage in other areas of the body. Once this happens it becomes very clear that a power chair is in need.

Could this situation be lack of knowledge that one can become hooked on the chemicals within the foods that we eat. We have been taken taken for a ride in a big way, however we were always free to chose where we spend our time and the education we allow to enter into our precious counciousness and the foods we eat.

Food Industry

I have found that for some because of the way the food industry has gone a stray and instead of helping us stay healthy it has chosen to go for the almighty $ and that my friend is not ok no way.... Yet this going for the money game has got to stop and the people have got to heal from the selling and pay attention to the truth of this important matter.

We the people have all the power and it is we the people that can tell the big food industry what we want and how to care for our foods. We do that by voting with our dollars. There are plenty of alternitive if we are willing to do a little research which can only benefit us with health something no one can argue with.

The sources that will bring us a better life enjoying a healthy body

We really do have all the power deep inside of each and everyone of us and I believe that you and many others have what it takes to turn all this around to a successful outcome.

It is so much better once on the other side and it is so much easier then after it has already taken shape.

I will share more articles in the future about the importance of preventing illness and living the life you deserve.


Street Talk

Thank you for the great article!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks I've been so busy with my retail store business off to trade shows and on and on. Wanting so much to write more articles. However now with my new ipad I can write more articles that have messages that I feel very passionate about. Really looking forward to it. Thanks so much for your support it is very welcome. I love your outlook. The journey your on is also my journey. It's so much fun to seek our inner being that we truly are. Cheers Carmen!

  about 1 decade ago

Great passionate article Carmen1. I agree with you here!

  about 1 decade ago
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