Predictive Dialer: What Is It? And What Has A Dialer To Do With Prediction?
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Predictive dialers today are used in many call centers around the globe ranging anywhere from one to hundreds of users.

If you ever wondered what is the predictive part in a predictive dialer, here is an explanation, as when it comes to predictive dialers, Six telemarketers are quarter of Twelve telemarketers, not half as you may think. Keep on reading, and find out why.

Imagine a room with 20 telemarketers that are talking with prospective clients, and every 1 minute 10 of those telemarketers are hanging up their calls.

Now picture a person with many phones under his control, who knows how often the telemarketers are hanging up their calls every minute. He makes enough calls to get ten prospective clients to answer their phones every minute, and transfers those calls to his telemarketers.

In order to have ten customers picking up their phone, you'd have to place many more calls simultaneously, usually at least around 40 calls, because only few of those calls are answered by a live person. The rest of those calls will result in answering machines or reach a disconnected number.

That is where the predictive part of the predictive dialer comes in: It considers the rate in which the telemarketers that are hanging up their calls, and calls just enough prospective clients at the same time to ensure that every telemarketer who hangs up a call will have the next client on the line as soon as possible.

What does the above has to do with the predictive part of the predictive dialer?

As a predictive dialer depends on the number of agent for dialing, when you have over 10 agents dialing you likely to get near 5 seconds waiting time between calls to get results - human answer, answering machine, ETC.

The dialer has to predict how many calls need to be placed, so telemarketers' idle time is minimized and talking time is maximized to achieve maximum results.

To achieve this, the predictive dialer must apply sophisticated algorithmic calculations that are taking in consideration the number of agents, the rate of human answer of the total calls placed and many more parameters, including the desired idle time between calls that the owner set.

And now, after we understood the statistic nature of a predictive dialer, it will be possible to explain why (when it comes to predictive dialers) Six is only quarter of Twelve, not Half as you may expected.

When a contact center consists of approximately twenty telemarketers, the dialer is able to get much more accurate statistics and thus reduce idle time while placing fewer calls per telemarketer than a room with only eight or less telemarketers.

To draw it boldly, while a contact center with twenty telemarketers would place say 500 calls per day per telemarketer at a ratio of 8 lines per telemarketer, a contact center with only ten telemarketers would only make 180 that same day at a ratio of 12 lines per telemarketer.

Visit DialersPro to see illustration that allows to get better understanding about predictive dialer functions.

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