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Create Your Own Economy For Sales Success
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All of the dire news reports about the economy are wrong, in the sense that they are wrong for you, if you believe that success in selling is right for you!

In a very real sense you create your own economy. And it is essential that you know how you do this, for sales success.Think of it this way: in every economic climate, including the great depression of the 1930’s, there have been individuals who prospered. As long as you have the attitude of being a victim of the economy, you prevent yourself from find a way to be among the victors of the economy.

However you view the economy, WHAT you are viewing is a mental condition. You have to CONCEIVE mentally of the economic condition that you believe you are facing. And what you THINK is the beginning of what you create!

As a sales professional, if you go into a meeting with a prospect thinking about how dire the economy is, your insecure attitude will radiate, influencing the prospect to feel similarly. As a result of feeling economic anxiety, your prospect is less likely to spend any money with you. This is how thoughts turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.

The fact is that “the economy” offers you nothing but opportunities. Your sales success depends upon your ability to come up with creative ways to accomplish your goals within your present circumstances. Now if you believe that you cannot find a way, your self-limiting mindset prevents you from finding that way.

Keep your mind off of ideas that report to you that you are in any way disadvantaged. Train your mind to look for the advantages, the opportunities, that are present. As it says in the Bible, “Seek and you will find.” In other words, we program our subconscious to find what we are looking for.

Looking for advantages and opportunities reveals them, in time. But you have to be patient. You have to be persistent. And you have to have mental discipline for sales success. The mental discipline required goes beyond mere “positive thinking”.

The mental discipline required consists of three facets:

1. Practice being aware of what you are thinking in the present. You have to notice what you are thinking to direct your thinking for success.

2. When you notice your train-of-thought taking a negative turn by entertaining notions that cause you to feel discouraged or insecure about your economic situation, immediately get off that train! Shift the focus of your attention from that negative train of thought and focus on something positive, or just focus on your present moment experience without a thought of the future.

3. Intentionally direct your mind to consider the positive possibilities of your situation, the opportunities and advantages that your situation presents to you.

A you practice these three aspects of the mental discipline required for sales success, you will begin to consciously create your own economy through successful selling.

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