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How To Increase Online Sales
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How To Increase Online Sales

The other day I was watching what I thought to be one of the best documentaries 2012 had to offer. You might of seen it before, "Surviving Progress"? Naturally, A couple bevies later I couldn't help but have this amazing idea. You see the narrator has this tremendous grasp of understanding history, and how humanity in general has progressed the way we have. The Movie was in fact about how the majority of humans never see the bigger picture, relevant to how we always want more and don't know when to quit. Thus destroying our god given future of life in the next few generations.

This is all an amazing concept true, although with myself having a sales background in business it was like lightning had struck me harder than a rainy day on the golf course.

Heres what I mean...

Two test's were done for a better understanding of humanity and what separates us from all other living creatures on this earth. In other words, why the hell are we able to progress at such a rapid pace? Remember there is a reason for everything and ill take that too the grave, the key is acknowledging everything that happens on this earth. Because then we can learn why it happens in general.

  • Test One, The Primate;

Two "L" shaped wooden blocks are placed on table. A plate sized circle is drawn with a yellow maker on each end. In the middle of these circles are the two wooden blocks laid flat down. The chimpanzee is placed in a confined room with this table and required to fix each block upright such as an upside down "L". After a minute or two the chimpanzee succeeds. He is then rewarded with a banana.

The same test is done once again with the table, only this time one of the wooden blocks is sanded down in a way that will make it impossible to stand upright. It then begins to struggle and looses interest, returning back and forth for a banana every time it falls.

  • Test Two, The Child;

So again we see the same scenario given to a child roughly 10 years old. He is sat down in front of the table and given the instructions. Of course the first two normal blocks are placed upright with no hassles, it's the second test that seriously blew my mind. After placing the normal wooden block upright he proceeds to fixing the altered one as requested, it will not stand and keeps falling over. The child then retries for a third time with more precision just like the primate did, balancing it within his fingertips. But of course it continues to fall over. Now the child realizes the object is different, he continues to look for any imperfections by examining all the parts of the block.

Ok so why did this experiment seriously make me think about business and sales your asking? Because the narrator then explains this..

The reason we as humans progress in our lives and reach what's believed to be the impossible is because we continue to ask "Why?". I mean seriously, this is from an example of a child who has been barely influenced in his early age. Showing us that as humans, our core attributes that define us as remaining on the top of all be-ings is because we simply ask "Why?". It's by asking questions that allows us to achieve success, by researching into small detail of our desired progress. We are able to understand how to succeed with clear minds.

Hear me out for one second ok..

As someone in the online business world, the more you know about humanity and how are history proves that our actions have not and will never change, the more sales your gonna make no matter what business your in. I guarantee that if you want to sell a product or service and ask yourself as a consumer "why would I make the purchase?", you will start to think of ALL the reason what is making you want or need the purchase. We will then start to think about where to buy, what attracts you to an item, the list goes on. As long as you acknowledge yourself as a human and how we all are wired the same way, we can increase our image of the sale accordingly. The result will be a tremendous increase I promise you.

So to sum it all up just remember this, open your mind and realize humanity is a combined word for humans. This means we are all alike, and we will all react the same general way when it comes to making a purchase. Understanding humanity 100% means you understand how to run a successful business and increase your earnings. Physiology is HUGE when it comes to online success believe me, selling to consumers we cannot interact with means you better know as a human, why are we interested in your product or service. Because I sure as hell don't just want a banana.

Where To Buy This Movie?

If you want to own this movie as bad as I do so we can study all the experiments they provide, I recommend Amazon because they are the most trusted site to purchase practically anything. They deliver in 1 day, plus there is a no shipping fee bonus for anything over $25.00 through this link.

I would also recommend taking a look at Pink Ribbon Inc., it's often bought as a combo with the other.

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