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Funny how peoples attitudes to training can vary so much - perhaps it comes from school and unhappy experiences there. I don't think it takes much thought to realise the utter essential requirement training in anything that matters has. Yet still some employers consider it a sideline - non essential, just hire someone else or shout. Sorry, they are out of their minds and in desperate need for some management training themselves. Don't believe me? Read on and tell be if I don't speak sooth.

Let's take an easy one. Your car engine won't start - winch, winch, winch and no engine sound. So, what do you do? Take it to a tribesman from the depths of the Brazilian Rain Forrest? Ask a 10 year old child? Or take it to a qualified mechanic in a garage? That's a no brainer right - do I even need to explain why? (Please don't say yes!). A trained and experienced eye and ear will know where to look, knows what it is supposed to see and can spot and tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

It can also tell what is just a bit wrong and what the actual problem is. The plugs may be a bit dirty but that would not account for not starting at all! Someone completely ignorant of the internal combustion engine wouldn't even know to open the bonnet - he'd have to pray to the spirits instead - its all he knows.

Think I am being unfair to Brazilian tribesmen? Don't worry, I'm sure they have a laugh at us if we tried to survive in their jungle - they're just two very different environments. But back to sales training or management skills and some, believe it or not, pray to the spirit world - even in corporate Britain.

Many don't realize that the subject of sales is not witch craft or an innate skill some are born with. Just as in every other human endeavour there is indeed an exact science of the sales cycle - and no it isn't my or anyone else's opinion. Just observable facts that are true in all cases and all times. Facts can be observed and noted for what they are exactly, or they can mis-observed and have opinions and slants poured into them - as in much politics we see today. Let's skip all the curves, drop all the axes to grind and forget all the pet theories. Let's start from scratch and only take an interest in what works. Not for self - for everyone, consistently. If it doesn't make sense or doesn't seem rationale let's not drop it (if it works) let's look at what other things we are taking for granted as true and check them out instead.

Let's build a big picture that works. Build it big enough and you may find that suddenly it does start to make sense now - it's just that you didn't know so much (or thought you knew so much!). The person who can do this can learn - he may have been an ignorant tribesman 5 years ago - now he's the top mechanic at Rolls Royce. Maybe he would have starved in the jungle - now he is the head of the tribe.

This person knew there was something to learn, and could jettison ideas as well as look and get new ones - based on workability, results and other great guidons of science and engineering. Not opinion, staus and snobbery - gawd help us all.

I learnt much of this in Email Marketing - where we either got leads or we didn't - opinions - they're for the confidential paper shredding bin as far as I'm concerned. Recycling waste is fine for plastic and paper - but old opinions that didn't work are not worth recycling . When we got into wedding chair cover rentals we had to learn how to effective sales training - or we never would have made it!

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