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Visionary Leadership Training For Sales Success – How To Use Your Mind In Selling
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Developing the skill of visionary leadership may be the most powerful thing you do for sales success.

How you USE your mind may make all the difference between whether or not your selling efforts bring you success.

What you think about, envision, imagine exerts a tremendous influence over your professional selling destiny.

When you know how to use your mind power, you can wield it for great selling power.

A sales person’s mental mastery is an essential part of the successful selling process.

The top sales professionals understand the INSIDE GAME of selling.

A sales training that leaves out the component of mastering the power of visualization is incomplete.

The kind of visionary leadership training for sales success that is needed goes beyond the practice of merely visualizing successful sale closings.

It includes the absolutely crucial sales strategy of keeping the mind FREE of visualizing disappointing outcomes.

It’s tempting for a sales person to imagine with dread being rejected by a prospect or by a prospect’s “gate keeper”.

But the sales professional who wants to be accepted, who wants to soar into stratosphere of selling success, will develop the visionary leadership skill of excluding thoughts of failure from his or her mind.

At a recent motivational seminar on team building as it relates to the skills of selling, I explained how to MENTALLY connect with prospects in a way that helps them to see you, the sales pro, as being “on their side”.

“One exercise for developing your sale closing power,” I explained, “Is to practice visualizing yourself as the prospect’s team mate, seeing yourself being FOR your prospect instead of being out to control, direct or manipulate your prospect.”

Visionary Leadership / Team Building Training For Professional Sales People:

1. Envision how what you are selling can help the prospect.

2. Envision yourself being FOR your prospect’s success.

3. Envision your relationship with your prospects leading to THEIR greater success and happiness.

Doing this repeatedly will help you to feel for the prospect, and cause the prospect to feel that you really are both on the same team. It helps the prospect see you as a true teammate, which inspires trust and confidence in you.

But remember that envisioning success is only one side of your MENTAL sales training.

You have to practice being very alert to what you are thinking, imagining or envisioning in the present moment so that you can discard, drop or let go of thoughts, imaginings or visualizations of disappointing conditions, outcomes or results that you do not want to happen.

Here is another exercise for mental leadership development training for successful sales people. Spend five minutes a day doing nothing but observing your thinking.

When you notice yourself thinking, just notice it. Try not to get caught up in the thought. Remain alertly vigilant over your mind’s activities in the now.

So here is the 3-fold exercise for the mind-mastery that leads to a successful career in sales:

1. Practice visualizing yourself succeeding at selling.

2. Practice visualizing your prospects benefiting from what you are selling (team building with prospects)

3. Practice being aware of your thinking to avoid slipping into negative visualizations of failure or other forms of disappointment.

Actually doing this represents incredibly powerful visionary leadership training for greater Sales Success – or how to use your mind for selling.

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