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No Recession At Redyser, The Spanish Courier
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No Recession at Redyser, the Spanish Courier

Early in my business career I had a business partner in a small software distribution company. I had the bright idea and related contacts. He had business experience. So we setup our business. We bought stocks of Microsoft Windows and Office on CD from suppliers all over the world, usually the US. These were special versions only for use when supplying a PC or related hardware.

Our customers were computer product suppliers in the United Kingdom, mainly PC dealers. There were thousands of them in the mid 90’s and at the time our only real competition was the official UK Microsoft distribution network. There were only a handful of these distributors and their prices were loosely controlled. Whereas ours were not which meant we could undercut them. These were large companies so we used our small size and agility to compete.

We would fax shot dealers overnight and take orders the following day. They knew that they could order up to 6pm and sometimes later. The items would arrive the following day usually in the morning. Most of our clients paid cheque on delivery. Our courier City-Link would deliver the goods, collect the cheque and within a couple of days it was in our bank and other than a couple of isolated incidents we had no payment issues.

Generally our stock was paid for by bank transfer in advance. It would be sold over a couple of weeks. Due to healthy margins and very low costs we were able to increase our stock range and build a rapidly growing business which only required a little investment to start. Our team of three were kept busy especially towards the end of each day as we packed all orders ready for despatch. Sometimes for larger orders or rush jobs we would fulfil orders after our 6pm deadline by taking them to the local courier depot which we knew did not despatch its vehicles until 10pm nationwide. Occasionally we would take orders to the Post Office sorting center 40 miles away. They could accept business mail until midnight, with for most areas of the country a guaranteed next day delivery.

Our clients loved us not because we were always the cheapest but because they knew if they called or faxed an order to us, it would be delivered the next day and we never promoted or sold anything which was not in stock. They could keep their stock levels low.

No part of our business was difficult. We did it well and focused on our clients. We always remembered that a sale meant nothing until the goods had been delivered to the client’s satisfaction and we had cleared funds in the bank. The process of becoming a client was fuss free, this was essential. Busy people do not have time to fill in forms or wait. Fax through a signed order with a delivery address and your order would be despatched. One of our USP’s was our commitment to distribution. We relied on City-Link and Royal Mail. They are the ones with the distribution skills. All we had to do was give them correctly addressed packages at the right time. So it has always remained a mystery to me why so many people make hard work of selling a product, since then and now, 16 years later.

I recently needed to send two boxes from Spain to the United Kingdom. With websites and many options with regards to who to use, it should be easy. After visiting websites for companies like DHL, FedEx, Seur, Chronopost and several others with varying degrees of success I tried another Redyser. Prices for my parcels varied from 70 Euros each to 250 Euros, so this was good business for someone.

The website of Redyser is quite good. Sorry for English only readers, it is in Spanish. I was quickly able to find information on their “International Courier” service. My boxes were perfectly designed for it or visa versa depending on your perspective. Sadly the website did not have an automated service for generating a quote so they were called.

The first lady who answered explained to me that they did not do international deliveries. I advised that their website stated they did and the name of the service. But she insisted no, they did not do it. I discussed this with a Spanish colleague and she suggested I try again. Maybe I would speak to someone else who knew what they were doing. On the second occasion I did speak to someone else who knew about the service. But they asked me if I was a client. No was the answer and she advised that I needed to be a client. Slightly puzzled by this I told her that I expected to pay and I wanted to know how much. She insisted I needed to be a client first. Clearly there was a small problem in that to be a client I need to pay for a service first.

Needless to say that was the end of the conversation and the money for delivering two boxes has gone elsewhere. How can it be that in 2012, companies in economies which are in recession can have such a rubbish attitude to generating business. A potential client contacts them and their sales staff have no interest or ability to turn my “hot” enquiry into cold cash, this should be easy. Can someone remind these staff and the management above them that it is cold cash that pays their salaries.

So I have a couple of cost saving measures for the marketing team at Redyser. Stop spending money on your website. Stop painting your website address and sales telephone number on your delivery vehicles. Clearly it is a waste of time. What is the point of contacting your company you don’t want new business anyway.

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