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Sales - The Truly Undervalued Job
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Sales    -    the Truly Undervalued Job

I have known many great sales people who have felt squashed by the company they work for. What I hear constantly is "The boss doesn't mind throwing us under the bus when something goes wrong" and "When one of the works messes up, it always comes down on the head of the sales guy".

Sales seems pretty thankless as a career, except for the commissions you can make. But then, sales is just seen as a job for people who couldn't get in to a good college or get a diploma. in the eyes of so many people. It is much more exciting to say you are a doctor, pilot, police officer than it is to say you are a sales person.

Well, I am here to tell you something you must realise now; Where you work, where everyone works, well that place is a machine. YOU are the battery that runs the machine. You are the electricity, the power generator, the fuel that allows that machine to run. Without you, everyone would lose their jobs and the doors would close.

You must understand your importance right here, right now. You are part of the force that runs the entire economy. All of capitalism falls on your shoulders, from the stock market to the jobs the economy creates. the more you can sell, the more a company can expand and the more jobs they can offer. Without you, none of that is possible.

Now, if the product you are selling is crap, then consider that it might not be the place for you to give your awesome skills to.

When you find a good product or service, one that can help the economy, can help the people and can help the world, then YES! This will be the place you shine.

The richest people in the world had to force themselves to become great sales people. Without those skills, their idea would have never launched into the stratosphere.

But part of being a great sales guru is to be in constant training to hone your skills. Sales is a form of manipulation. The word manipulation has some bad connotations, but in its essence, all manipulation is, is bending something with your will. to get good at sales you should be listening to great sales training in your car.Use every moment in your car to train your mind for success.

Me personally, I love to buy audiobooks. They are the perfect medium for me. When I listen to my audio books online, I search for only the best speakers, authors and trainers. When I am in my car (Which is a major part of my day), I would listen to people like Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins and many others. i would listen to business biographies on audio book because the speakers had the success that I wanted for myself.

Here is the thing about sales... It is uncapped earnings. This means that all other workers know exactly how much they will make next week. Yours goes up and up based on your efforts. the boss must understand that having your skills is vital to the success of his or her business.

You are the lifeblood of the business. You are indispensable. Without people in your position the economy would fail.

What I would suggest is that in order to be proud of what you do, ensure you put your powerful skills towards something really worthwhile. When great sales skills connect with a brilliant product, it becomes the perfect storm. This si when you AND your boss both get very rich.

I once heard a funny seminar speaker say that when he was young he heard a tough-as-they-come sales person tell the crowd "When you go to sell, consider this; those people you're calling on have YOUR money in THEIR pocket. It's your job to get that money without going to jail!" Now, there are some tough words to develop good sales techniques. But I consider sales to be a seductive thing. No, not in THAT way, but it is seductive. It seduces a customer to believe in you and therefore what you sell.

When I listen to my downloadable audio books, I am aware that these speakers have gone through every ounce of rejection to get where they are today. They learned that it doesn't matter how many people say no. It only matters how many people say yes. And so you must keep going regardless of the rejection. There are so many audio coaches to help you along when you are down. you just need to seek them out. They can be inspirational and they can lift you up when you are down. Regardless of what oether workers, such as engineers or designers, or whoever is in the office thinks of you, understand that they could never do what you do. You keep them in a job. You have to convince people to hand over their hard earned cash! Nobody loves to just give someone their cash. they worked so hard to get it. So when someone gives you that money, that is a skill to be very proud of.

Be internally and totally happy that you own the skill and the power of influence. Stay positive. You are the battery that runs the economy.

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