Today We Talk About Three Kinds Of Sword
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Today We Talk About Three Kinds Of Sword

Today We Talk About Iaito Sword, Naginata Sword and Katana Sword

1 Iaito Sword

This iaito sword was customized for customer Roxane who is from France, he order this iaito sword on Dec 31th, 2015. due to customer changed the length of the blade, so we had to forge a new blade and make a new matching saya (sheath) for him, it took us one one week to finish it.

this iaito katana sword features an unsharp full tang blade, the blade is made of 1060 high carbon steel, the nagasa length of the blade is 69cm, the whole blade was fully heat treated.

Customer also need us to engrave a symbol on the blade, he sent the image to us, and we engraved it into the blade.

engraving on iaito sword

Iaito Sword Specifics:

Unsharp 1060 steel full tang blade for practice

Solid blackened Iron tsuba (sword guard)

Hand-carved multiple ring-shaped SAYA (sheath)

Buffalo horn Kurikata, Koguchi and kojiri

Genuine Samegawa (ray skin)

Dark green silk ITO

Brass Habaki and seppa

Double pegged with bamboo mekugi pins for added security

2 Naginata Sword

This is special customized Naginata sword for Spain customer who bought several customized katana from us before. our standard length for the blade of Naginata is 7ocm, 40cm for handle, however, this customer need blade 60cm, and handle 50cm, so we had to forge new blade and new matching SAYA for him. it took us 15 days to finish it.

The blade of this Naginata sword is made of 1095 high carbon steel, the whole blade was heat treated and oil quenched, it is full tang blade. and the blade was fully hand polished, the surface of the blade is like a mirror. the cutting edge is very sharp.

Sword Specifics:

Blade: Unokubi-Zukuri style;1095 steel, full tang. heat treated. very sharp.

Tsuba: alloy tsuba

ITO: gold color leather ito

Samegawa: blue color

SAYA: blue saya

Sageo: Yollow /Brown

Blade Engraving: Japanese Kanji+Image+English Letters

3 Katana Sword

US buyer purchased many katana swords from us before. and this sword was ordered on Dec 24,2015, it took us 2 days to finish it.

The blade of this sword was made of 1095 steel, it was heat treated and oil quenched, and 12 steps hand polishing, the cutting edge is very sharp.


Blade: 1095 steel Full tang Blade, heat treated and oil quenched.

Tsuba: AT26 Alloy tsuba

Samegawa: Real black ray skin

tsuka-ito: L06 real leather ITO

Tsuka-Maki: Hineri-Maki Wrap

Sageo: G03 thick brown sageo

SAYA: S06 Deep Red with Speckle

our website is hanbon sword, if you want to know more, you can see it, welcome to you!

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