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Why Motivated People Sell More?
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Why Motivated People Sell More?

Selling is an art which most people fail to master. Those who mastered the art of selling will tell you one common fact. You have to keep yourself motivated to sell more in less time.

Sales motivation can be applied to your daily routine of selling. It’s similar to how we drive an automobile.

Do you own a car or a bike? Even if you do not, you should have a basic understanding of how the machines work. The fuel is burnt and the energy is used to propel the vehicle. When the vehicle runs out of fuel, it stops. Selling is similar to driving an automobile. You can sell as long as you remain motivated. The moment you lose motivation, you will see your sales go down.

Sales motivation techniques apply differently to different people. It should not be a big surprise as different people behave differently. One thing that inspires a person might not inspire the next. However, one common thing that applies is to let your mind take in positive thoughts. You can read inspirational and positive articles, watch inspiring sales videos and so on.

Sales Motivation Story

First, I will share with you a story which has inspired me the most. You will also learn the art of sales motivation and how to continue excelling at sales.

There was a regular guy named Johnny. He used to work at the counter of a department store. What he did was something very simple, yet powerful. After work, he used to go home, find a good quote for the day and then print it out. The next day he comes in, he slips in the printout onto every sale that happens on his counter.

The store owners started noticing an increase in repeat customers and even new customers. The counters got very busy and he hired new staff to manage the rush. However, he saw that most people queued up at Johnny’s counter even though other counters were free.

This made the store owner to ask one customer why they wouldn’t move to the free counter. One of them replied “I want Johnny to bill my purchase. I love the quotes he gives me every time I purchase something. That is one reason I come here every day for shopping”

What did you infer from the story? Is it that if you bring in more customers you can please your boss and bring home a fat pay check? If that is the message you got, I would have to correct you.

Did you notice that Johnny went beyond his “call of duty”? He could have just remained the Johnny he was, continue to bill his customers and walk home as a regular guy.

Why did he have to take the pain to go home, research the quotes, take print outs paying money from his own pocket and give it to his customers? Was he paid extra? NO. Did his manager ask him to do it? NO. Then what was it that made him do something like this?

Johnny wanted to make a change. A change which was so subtle when looked upon from the outside. But, it resulted in action. Customer relationship management at its best, without MBA from Harvard.

Nowadays people hire inbound marketing expert to gain new customers instead of the plain old sales strategies. You cant blame small business owners for this. After all, everyone wants to do what works currently.

Most sales people fail to realize that they should go beyond their targets. I know quite a few people who think that once they achieve their sales target, they are done with it. They don’t need to make extra sales as their manager wouldn’t fire them for not achieving their targets.

If you are selling online, you may have a target of reaching 3000$ a month. Once you achieve that, you party the rest of the time. A true sales professional would constantly work to over deliver. Sales motivation can help you make that extra sale and become a winning salesman.

Types of Sales Motivation

There are two types of motivation.

  1. Positive motivation
  2. Negative motivation

Assume that you are running in a race. A positive motivation might be to win a race or achieve something similar. Imagine a dog chasing you. You still run, but the motivation is negative.

Let us come to the case of selling and motivation. So what does attitude have to do with motivation? I will tell you. I mentioned that there are 2 types of motivations for every people. When it comes to sales and marketing, the scenario is a bit different. If your manager says that you will get promoted if you make 10 extra sales, then that is positive motivation and is actually good. However, when you manager says that you will be fired if you do not achieve your target, then that is negative motivation.

In the online world, you need to be heavily motivated. Since you do not have a boss to give orders, you need to do everything yourself.

Always try to stay positive. Feed your mind with positive thoughts. You will realize that success is the result of hard work, determination and motivation. Go ahead and make the day for people… Just like Johnny did in the sales motivation story.

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