1385 Prodelin Satellite Antenna Overview
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1385 Prodelin Satellite Antenna Overview

GENERAL DYNAMICS Satcom Solutions Corporation Prodelin 1385 3.8M KU-BAND TX/RX ANTENNA

Description: The General Dynamics new series 1385 ~ 3.8m antenna has been designed to provide a reliable, long-life and trouble free antenna solution for demanding applications in the primary VSAT communications bands. Enhancements to this antenna design have improved the structural stability and surface tolerances of the reflector, offering growth potential for reliable communications up to Ka-band. The antenna has been designed to meet the performance requirements of the major satellite service providers and regulatory agencies. The mechanical design has been optimized for high efficiency packaging to reduce shipping costs. Material selections for the reflector significantly reduce the risk for shipping damage when compared to metal reflector solutions. Factory pre-assembly of critical components eliminates the requirement for complex assembly procedures in the field.

The General Dynamics SATCOM Solutoins Corporation Prodelin 1385 Antenna from General Dynamics replaces the long-trusted General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Prodlelin 1383 Series.

GENERAL DYNAMICS Prodelin 1385 Satellite Antenna FEATURES

Upgraded Integral rib design for higher frequency operation

Increased strength for heavier radio and ODU equipment loads.

Higher precision assembly and alignment from automated manufacturing processes.

Field friendly installation without requirement for specialized tools.

Anti-ice capability for use in cold climate and arctic environmental conditions.

Optimized, 4-piece reflector design for maximum shipping efficiency.

Upgradeable for high XPD performance.

Prodelin Satellite Antennas are well known in the industry as one of greatest and best valued antenna Solutions on the market. By offering unparalleled engineering, support and ultra high quality products it is no wonder Prodelin is able to compete with value pricing and substantially the highest class antenna solution for your communication needs.

Some of the features of Prodelin Antennas include but are not limited to:

- Ultra low cost of transportation

- Industrial Galvanized Steel Mounts

- Optional Galvanized Steel King Post

- Reliable Precision Compression

- Durable Molded Reflector

- Interchangeable Single Individual Panels

Satcoms Solutions Corporation is the premier provider for both Prodelin Flyaway Antennas and Small Fixed Antennas.

About the company:

As of now Satcom Solutions Corporation (SSC) is leading the way in Satellite System Engineering in Sub Saharan and Southern Africa. Our expertise has been comprised over 19 years expert experience. Along this time we have an excellent working relationship that has been nurtured with the leading suppliers of Satellite Earth Station and ancillary equipment. Satellite Solutions Corporation (SSC) carry exclusive distributor agreements with many of our suppliers.

With that being said, our vast expertise of engineering expertise, allows us the ability to be competitive and provide a "cost effective" state of the art solution for our valued clients.

Satellite Solutions Corporation (SSC) and our partner STSC in South Africa make us the largest stocking distributors of satellite equipment in Africa.


Satellite Solutions Corporation (SSC) provides satellite earth stations starting with the F1 to standard A satellite earth stations. Recent turnkey operations include various 11 M earth stations equipped with 750 watt outdoor power amplifiers.


Satellite Solutions Corporation (SSC) offers a wide variety of antennas from various manufacturers. Some of the most popular antennas that Satellite Solutions Corporation (SSC) stocks is the Prodelin 1.8-meter, 2.4-meter and 3.8-meter satellite antenna with the Andrew 4.8-meter Satellite antennas. The Andrew 9.3-meter Standard B antennas are available for quick delivery to our customers. We also offer VertexRSI 11-meter and 13-meter Satellite antennas.

For additional information contact Satcom Solutions Corporation SSC at +1 818-991-9794

31119 Via Colinas Sute 501, Westlake Village, CA 91362

Visit us on the web @ Satcom Solutions Corporation (SSC)

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