Satellite Communications Corporation In Westlake Village California
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Satellite Communications Corporation In Westlake Village California


We are a world class organization providing leading edge technology and solutions in satellite communications. SATCOM Solutions Corporation (SSC) was founded as a systems integrator for satellite communications systems serving the domestic and international market. SSC is unequaled in expertise and experience and offers a large selection of equipment, satellite maintenance and repairs and complete turn-key solutions to its valued customer's communication needs.

SSC's experience is unsurpassed in the Satellite Industry and has been providing Satellite Communication solutions to the world since late 1990. SSC has over 200 man years experience in this specialized field. Our services are provided from the project inception and proposal all the way to implementation and successful completion.

We provide expert systems engineering, installation, training, system design, link budgets, equipment specification, equipment selection, site design including civil engineering, equipment and system test specifications, and integration and commissioning of Satellite Earth Stations Facilities and ancillary satellite equipment, including VSAT networks. SSC also provides after sales support. SSC provides complete Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment (DCME) solutions to substantially reduce operating expenses for our customers. SSC represents most of the major leading equipment suppliers in the world, thus providing the most "cost-effective" technically viable solutions. We are well respected in the industry for "Fast-Track" implementation.

Today, SATCOM Solutions Corporation is the leading satellite system engineering house in Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa. This expertise has been built-up over the previous 19 years experience. During this time, an excellent working relationship has been fostered with all the leading suppliers of earth station and ancillary equipment. SSC has exclusive distributor agreements with many of our suppliers.

This, together with our wealth of engineering expertise, gives us the ability to provide a "cost-effective" state-of-the-art solution for our valued clients.

SSC and our channel partner, STSC in South Africa, are the largest stocking distributors of satellite equipment in Africa that includes the following products:


SSC offers satellite earth stations from F1 to Standard A satellite earth stations. Recent turnkey projects include various 11M earth stations equipped with 750 watt outdoor power amplifiers.


The Terrasat latest smart BUC technology now offers an internet access port to allow the customer full access to the internet with remote monitor and control of the earth station through the internet. The L-Band interface reduces the cost of a satellite earth station dramatically.


We stock a compliment of Comtech/EF Data modems ranging from IF to IP interface with the latest IP Turbo code in a wide range of coding schemes to give the customer maximum bandwidth savings. The new CDM-625 Carrier in Carrier modem is now available that yields a 50% bandwidth savings with a typical payback period of less than 3 months. Comtech/EF Data now also offers LDPC technology that reduces the required bandwidth further and allows the savings even between large and small antennas.


The latest in VSAT technology over IP allows the customer to use Vipersat in a TDMA mode for data, fax and FTP. Vipersat switch to a SCPC channel when using Voice, Video and Encryption to give the customer the bandwidth that he requires. The system switch back to TDMA when the bandwidth is no longer required, thereby saving bandwidth. Vipersat is a "Hubless" system and therefore offers a low cost solution for a VSAT system with less than 200 terminals. The IP interface allows the customer to make maximum use of the new IP technology equipment on the market.


The Quintech switch provide switching of L-Band and IF from any port, or combinations of ports to any output port in any combination up to 128 x 128. This includes fan in and fan out switch configurations. It is no longer necessary for any Teleport to use lossy splitters and dividers that are unsightly.


The NTT encoders compress Video to MPEG-4 standard and allows the user to save bandwidth when transmitting video over satellite. We supplied this technology for the FIFA 2010 games in South Africa.


A range of C and KU Band transceivers are available from our stock with SSPA's. A FSK channel is available between the modem and the transceiver to allow the customer remote monitor and control over the satellite link.


A range of CPI TWT amplifiers are available ranging from 100 watt to 2.2 KW. The power amplifiers are available for indoor rack mounting and outdoor mounted. The most popular power amplifier in the range is the 750 watt outdoor amplifier.


The Veraz compression equipment is offered with up to 20:1 compression at toll quality. We stock these terminals for immediate delivery.


SSC stocks Veraz IP Gateways with a 12:1 compression.


We supplied the Veraz soft switch to a major GSM operator and provide full after sales maintenance and support.


The Celtro DMT optimization product line is being supplied to the three major GSM carriers in South Africa. This project was initiated from inception field trials to final deployment and commissioning. A comprehensive 24 X 7 on site support maintenance program is provided with mandatory response times.


SSC offers a wide variety of antennas from various manufacturers. The most popular antennas that SSC stocks is the Prodelin 1.8-meter, 2.4-meter and 3.8-meter with the Andrew 4.8-meter antenna. The Andrew 9.3-meter Standard B antennas are available for quick delivery to our customers. We also offer VertexRSI 11-meter and 13-meter antennas.


The Company customer base includes all the major carriers in the African region such as Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, Transtel, South African Defense Force and Foreign Affairs. The customer base in Sub Sahara Africa includes Angola, Congo DRC, Congo B, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Gabon, Lesotho, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Zambia to name a few. The Company has several supply contracts in place with the major carriers in the region and has received approximately 80% of Telkom SA International satellite budget for several years.


In Africa, the company is located next to the Telkom NOCC in the prestigious Techno Park in Pretoria. The facilities includes a 1,000 Sq. meter building that house offices, conference facilities, a systems integration area, test and repair laboratory and stockroom facilities. This includes satellite earth stations to allow us to do live field trials and to monitor and control existing installations throughout Africa.

In the United States, the company is located in the Westlake Commerce Center in Westlake Village, California. We will be moving to a larger facility, in the near future, to better serve our customers and this will allow us an equally modern facility to our sister facility in South Africa.


SSC offers on site equipment maintenance support and have a 24 X 7 technical hotline for our customers.


SSC offers a repair capability for the equipment that we sell. The Company repair laboratory is equipped with a comprehensive range of test equipment calibrated to international standards that cover from 1 GHz to 14 GHZ and manufacturer recommended special test fixtures. The SSC repair facility is factory certified and the staff is factory trained and certified to allow us to perform warranty repairs and equipment upgrades for our customers.


SATCOM provides after sales support for all the products that we sell and our personnel are factory trained on the products that we sell. SATCOM has several long term maintenance contracts in place with the large carriers which include mandatory response times and require that we stock spares and complete float assemblies to ensure proper support for the equipment. The SATCOM repair laboratory is equipped with a range of RF and digital test equipment that is calibrated traceable to international standards. SATCOM provides the following:

Actively market our channel partner products.

Install and commission the products when so required by the customers.

Provide maintenance and after sales support for the products.

Provide operator and technical training for the products.


The following is a partial list of recent projects that The Company secured:


A secure satellite communication system between governments for the 14 Southern African countries that forms SADC.


A soft switch for MTN SA from inception to final deployment. The first expansion to the system is being implemented. At present we are also promoting an African wide expansion program that will be implemented by the large OPCO's in Africa to allow an entire network to use a common soft switch. The Company is providing maintenance support with guaranteed response times and a 24 x 7 technical hot line for the soft switch.


A multimillion Dollar ABIS optimization program for all three major GSM operators in Southern Africa (Vodacom SA, MTN SA and CELL-C). This program was developed from inception with field trials, installation, commissioning and after sales support. At present the Company is providing a maintenance contract with guaranteed response times and a 24 x 7 technical hot line for sites throughout the country.


The satellite links from the 10 stadiums for the video transmission worldwide. The first part, which is the Confederate Cup was just completed with FIFA expressing their satisfaction from Germany with the exceptional video quality.


A new business service VSAT system for Vodacom South Africa.


A high speed connection to Vodacom SA business customers.


A satellite communication system for the South African Defense force for communications throughout Africa. SATCOM Solutions Corporation offers on site equipment maintenance support and we have a 24 X 7 technical hotline for our customers.


Other projects that were completed by SSC engineers include:

Digital Multiplexing equipment.

Digital multiplex hierarchies used EUROPEAN (CEPT) CCITT 30-channel primary multiplex system.

Higher order systems.

A.C.E. automatic cross-connect equipment.

Iridium clock standard for earth station equipment clocking.

UPS flywheel motor-driven.

Digital video equipment.

Analogue video equipment with switching matrix.

Internet Service: Very small aperture terminals (VSAT's) VSAT. Hub and remotes for the PES and TES systems personal Earth Station (PES) Terrestrial Earth Station (TES) supplied by Hughes, Washington DC.

Varian 3kW HPA using travelling wavetube. Varian 3 kW HPA using Klystrons, supplied by Varian USA.

Antenna: Two stations new Standard A 19-m antenna complete with auto-tracking - HPA and LNA. Stations built on specification for Botswana Telecommunications Corporation by RSI. Antennas supplied by RSI. 3kW HPA using travelling wavetube supplied by Varian. LNA supplied by Comstream. Auto-tracking system supplied by RSI.

Ku-Band station 5.5-m antenna, complete with The Contractor Up- and Down-Converters and Optical Fibre Link to equipment room.

IBS station for Reuters. Roof-top installation 4.5-m antenna manufactured by Andrew. LNA, HPA mounted on antenna Up- and Down-Converters installed in subscriber's equipment room.


SATCOM Solutions has the following experience and expertise base:


More than 200 man-years experience in the specialized field of satellite communications.


To engineer complex solutions as specified by customers, including system design, link budgets, equipment specification, equipment selection, site design including civil engineering, equipment and system test specifications.


Project management, installation and commissioning and hand-over and acceptance by the customer.

Generation of completed documentation, test results and "as-built".

Consultancy on multidisciplined projects


complete logistic support including training, maintenance contracts, help-desks support and spares.

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