Ready The Cut The Cable Cord? Does Roku Work? Apple Tv?
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Ready the Cut the Cable Cord? Does Roku Work? Apple Tv?

Are you ready to cut the cable cord and switch to a streaming media player like Roku or Apple TV?

I think we all realize the television content providers such as Comcast, Charter, Verizon, Dish Network or Directv are charging significant amounts for programming these days. It's frustrating to pay $100-200 cable bills every month right?

Often we're reluctant to cut the cable cord or change from satellite tv because we feel like we don't have a viable alternative to cable tv or satellite tv programming. The cable and satellite companies have been around for years, and the truth is there are major loopholes in receiving programming from the live content providers. It's truly a racket that unfortunately we as consumers have to pay high premiums to get.

Until now the streaming media players that offer internet tv services have mainly have precorded content. While that's great if you like movies, it still doesn't solve the need to watch live tv for sports, news, or newly released shows. That's all changed lately as I will explain in this article, but first lets talk about the main players in the internet tv or streaming media player industry today.

Top Internet TV Streaming Media Player Services with TV Set Top Boxes

  1. Roku - They have the most internet tv subscriptions in the US but Does Roku Work?
  2. Apple TV - Apple has been building its platform for several years, and is beginning to add live content
  3. Jadoo TV - Jadoo is pretty popular for International programming, and has good partners in place
  4. Omnibox TV - While lesser known, the Omnibox has more live programming than any IP TV service.
  5. Other Android Devices or IP TV Boxes - There are many many more and the devices are easy to get. The key programming.

Does Roku Work?

So let's back to our earlier question of does Roku work? Simple answer to Roku does it work is yes kinda...

Again, if you simply want to watch movies like or Netflix, Hulu or delayed content you can do that with Roku, but you have to pay a subscription fee in order to get live programming of any kind. Roku is cheap to buy the box, but the interface is painful to load apps and the programming choice is very limited. I would be hard pressed to cut the cable cord for Roku with 6 kids in my house! :) You can cut the cable cord and get some entertainment on your TV but you'll be pretty disappointed with what you'll receive on Roku for now.

Does Apple TV Work?

Apple TV is very similar to Roku in that you can get a lot of free content that is prerecorded or services like Netflix, Hulu, etc but the live programming options are very limited. To get local channels you can get an antenna to go along with it and that will help, but Apple TV isn't a great solution for cutting the cable cord just yet.

Can You Cut the Cable Cord with Jadoo TV?

No not really because it acts similarly to Roku and Apple TV in that it has free content that you can actually get online without a subscription, but Jadoo is a nice option for those that want Hindi or International programming. It's free for the base box, but there are add-ons to get premium channels from other countries.

Will Omnibox TV Help You Cut the Cable Cord?


Omnibox TV or Omniverse One World Television is the first TV set top box in the US that has a viable option that will allow you to cut the cable cord folks. The other services I mentioned tell you that their programming is free, but it doesn't solve the ability to get live programming on major networks like you're used to watching on cable TV or Satellite TV services like Dish Network or Directv.

Omnibox TV has free programming too with over 1000 channels of similar programming to Roku, Apple TV or Jadoo, but they are the first to offer truly LIVE programming on major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, ESPN, CNN, Bravo, Lifetime, AMC, Discovery, History, USA, Spike, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Nick, FOX News, Animal Planet and much more.

All of that for only $24.95 a month with No Contract or Credit Check with Premium Latino Programming and international programming available as well. Omnibox TV offers a $19.95 service with the networks or you can purchase over 80 Channels of Premium Latino Content for $34.95 standalone or $24.95 with one of the standard packages. It's only $7.95 for the second TV and the 3rd TV is free to add. (You will need an Omnibox TV streaming media player for each TV to have their own channels just like Dish or Cable)

Omnibox TV will help you cut the cable cord forever, and you won't have to miss live sporting events or current series you're used to watching. Omnibox TV will also turn any TV into a smart TV so you can do so much more than just watch television. It actually turns your TV into a computer if you will. Here are some more benefits of the Omnibox TV Internet TV player.

Benefits of Omnibox TV

  1. Has over 1000 channels of programming and the largest selection of live content available in the US
  2. Turns any TV into a Smart TV to Surf the Web, Check Facebook, Skype with a Webcam or Download any app from the licensed Google Play Store anywhere in the world.
  3. Comes with HDMI Cable and also standard AV jacks for older television sets. Apple TV and other IP TV Boxes struggle with this.
  4. No Contract, Credit Check and Simple to Install - You only need a decent internet connection and the Omnibox TV Box will stream most channels in 1080p HD quality. 2 MB speed will usually work
  5. Easy to Carry with You - Take it to a second home, an RV or on vacation to watch movies on XBMC, Netflix, Hulu or any other premium add-on you might use such as Blockbuster or Red Box.

So if you're tired of paying too much for cable programming and ready to cut the cable cord, you're time has come to dump cable.

Cut the Cable Cord today and find out more about Omnibox TV Here!

Street Talk

Vernon L  

Interesting Dean. I have to show this article to my wife. Because we have Roku is our bedrooms but cable in the living room. Thanks for the info!

  about 8 years ago

Vernon it's not ready to "blow you away" with the user interface yet, but it really is close. This product is only 5 months old. It came out in January and is going to be a game changer. Thanks so much for the comment and I'll ship you one if you want one and give you a deal! :)

  about 8 years ago

This is an interesting read if you're interested in cutting the cord to cable or satellite TV. There are only a couple of viable options for an avid TV viewer, but one new internet TV player is making some noise in the space. People ask me all the time "Does Roku Work"? It really doesn't nor does Apple TV for the person that wants live programming. Omnibox TV is the only IP TV box that is a viable solution for those serious about taking the plunge and cutting the cord.

  about 8 years ago
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