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Color Changing Milk Science Experiment
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Color Changing Milk Science Experiment

There are a variety of different science activities for kids about and the color changing milk science experiment is one of the most popular. The first thing you are going to need is milk, obviously, then about couple of disposable paper plates. Try to make sure you are using whole milk - the color changing milk science experiment will work a lot smoother if you do this.

Fill one of the plates with the milk. Next you are going to need some basic food coloring - let the child pick his/her favorite color and put a few drops into the middle of the plate. The color changing milk science experiment will work more effectively if every drop of food coloring you put in is a different color. Try not to move the plate to much as you want the coloring drops to stay in position.

We now want the milk to move a bit. To do this the color changing milk science experiment will require some washing up liquid or 'dish soap'. Get a cotton swab and dip it down into the soap - don't put to much soap on it, you do not want the swab to be dripping in soap. Carefully dab the cotton swab down into one of the food coloring's in the soap and hold the swab there. Bang! Watch the color explode outwards in concentric circles - very pretty.

The longer you hold the swab in the milk the better. The circle will hit the other food coloring spots and they to will begin to expand rapidly making a mix of wonderful colors. The color changing milk science experiment will only work with milk - if you try to do this experiment with water see what happens. The food coloring will move out of the way but it will not move around like it does in milk.

The secret to the color changing milk science experiment is the fat inside the milk. The soap molecules try to re-align and stick back together when they are put into the milk and this is what causes the fat molecules to move around dragging the food coloring with it. Basically the soap has to hook onto the fat and the motion that you witness is the result of this.

The color changing milk science experiment is great for a science fair project. Why not try using different types of milk like skimmed etc, and collect the results to show in a pie chart or graph form? Good luck!

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