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Doomsday When And How
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When the last day comes, Doomsday when and how, is what most people will be thinking or speculating. As far as when no-one knows the exact date they are only speculations and guesses at most. It could happen at any time or it could be many years into the future. Just about everyone believes it will happen they just are not certain when, just be patient it will come, you probably want be here to see it, but it will come. Try not to hurry it along by making predictions of when it will happen, it doesn't matter because there is nothing that you can do to prevent it. Now as for how you have three choices of the main category's, A Cosmic Event, Mother Earth event, and Mother Nature Event.

First Let's explore Cosmic Events, on this list we have Solar Flares which if strong enough can leave the world without power for a long time, and a lot of things you don't realize won't be able to run, like the pumps at gas stations, but they will be closed because they lack electricity and most other stores will be closed and unless you have a gas powered generator you want have electricity either. No electric stove, microwave, no refrigerator the food will spoil. no tv or radio. people will run out of food and water. other events like astroid, comet, planet could smash into the planet and wipe us all out.

Second, Mother Earth has several ways to destroy mankind, it can wreak havoc with earthquakes, which occur everyday somewhere in the world, we haven't seen the big one yet and I hear its overdue and could happen anytime and we are sure to have a tidal wave-like never seen by man. We also could be treated to a super volcano's, which erupt about every 600,000 years and its been that long already, A Super Volcano could set off other volcano's around the world and also set off a nuclear winter, and we all no what that's about. Also the world could tilt on its axis and send everyone into a panic, you would have mass migration of animals and people. Crops would fail to grow and a hunger problem would soon arise, the ice caps would melt faster than it could freeze and flood all the coastal and low-lying areas.

Third is Mother Nature You never know what she is gonna do she could put category 7 hurricanes or tornadoes anytime, along with lightning rain and ice, But the one i would be most afraid of is famine and disease. Now man has a lot to do in all this too. What if all the nuclear reactors around the world had problems like in Japan all at once. would we be able to handle it. I doubt it and what about the killing of the ozone much longer can it exist if we don't do something soon. And what about all the nuclear bombs in the world today enough to blow it up 1000 times.and if that don't do it the nuclear winter will.

But if you are like me, you want worry about all these catastrophy, and live life to the fullest, the odds are with you that unless you are foolish, a daredevil, careless and reckless or just plain dumb you will die of old age..

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