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Going Solar Without Panels: Rechargeable Solar Batteries, Solar Exhaust Fans, And Solar Air Heaters For Homes
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Going Solar Without Panels: Rechargeable Solar Batteries, Solar Exhaust Fans, And Solar Air Heaters for Homes

The sun is a significant part of our lives.We benefit from its light and heat every day as it continues its life cycle of turning hydrogen into helium. While it won't be there forever, we can certainly make use of it for the next few billion years that we have access through collecting all the energy it bombards our planet with and turning it to our uses. the sun puts out more than enough energy to supply all the electricity our planet needs. It is just a matter of collecting it all.

Unfortunately, doing this isn't easy. It requires collecting devices, the most typical of which are called solar panels. You may have seen houses with these thin, sometimes shiny, sometimes black, panels all over their roofs. When the sun strikes them, it causes electrons in the panels to begin moving in a certain direction, to which we can hook wires and get a useful electric current from.

In my experience, when most people think about solar energy, it is these panels they think of. It certainly is possible to set up panels on your roof and live from the energy they provide, but they need technical know-how to install and a lot of money to purchase. Costs are dropping as time passes, but maybe you want to do something now to help you reduce your electric bills, or maybe you see solar energy as a way to help save our environment. Rather than worrying about a full solar outfitting of your roof, it can be better and more cost effective to start using solar energy with less expensive solar devices such as rechargeable solar batteries, solar exhaust fans, and solar air heaters. a full outfit of panels can easily cost upwards of $30,000, where these devices cost much less.

Rechargeable batteries do not have to be specifically designed to work with the sun. They only need a charger that does so. Typically, this involves some sort of charging device with solar panels on it. The sun striking the panels causes the chemical reaction in the battery to reverse, allowing it to happen again, but only for a limited number of times. The sun does the job rather than energy transmitted through power lines from a plant that might be using a less environmentally friendly fuel such as coal. Given enough time, the batteries and charger will pay for themselves by reducing your electric bill.

Have you ever gone into an attic on a summer day? Its easy for an attic to be 50 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the rest of a home. This happens because warm air rises through a home, being less dense than cold air. If your attic is well insulated, this heat can be retained for quite a long time. A solar exhaust fan blows an air current through the length of the attic, replacing the extremely warm air with cold and making the attic a lot more bearable., should you have to go inside. Powering the fan with a solar panel again saves you money by drawing less power from the grid.

Solar air heaters use a similar idea in that they draw on the energy of the sun to change the temperature of a home. They should not be counted upon to provide heating for an entire home, but can be an excellent supplement during the cooler months if placed in a southerly direction. The electricity we get from them can power heating coils in devices similar to space heaters or we can simply set up a large container of some kind that the suns rays can strike and warm the air inside.

It can be intimidating to "go solar" because of the cost and know-how needed. However, if you really want to do so, there are cheaper alternatives. Consider rechargeable batteries, attic fans, and heaters, all of which can use solar energy without a prohibitive cost.

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