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Keeping Children Entertained
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Keeping Children Entertained

In this article I will cover a few experiments you can use whilst keeping children entertained at home. I have always pointed out the advantages of keeping children entertained when learning but most of my articles have covered just science. There are so many different activities you can create in the home you can cover multiple subjects.

Every season brings a new challenge in keeping children entertained and you must think outside the box to succeed. Even in summertime kids can get bored if not challenged enough - sometimes running about a garden can get tiring even for a young child. Introducing them to a simple activity, outdoors, in the sun can provide hours of fun.

Winter is usually the dreaded season in keeping children entertained. I live in South West Wales and from October to May the weather is an absolute nightmare. When my son is staying with me over these periods it becomes hard to keep him occupied. If I do not find something educational in base for an activity then he will only end up sitting in front of the Xbox for the duration.

Keeping children entertained with more educational activities does not have to be hard. I came across a mini experiment involving 'color bubbles'. All you have to do is purchase some cheap bubble blowing mixture and separate it up into about four to five different cups. Next add a few drops of kids paint to the separate cups making sure you put a different color in each one.

Now the experiment can really begin. get the kids to blow bubbles near to a large sheet of white paper. Notice when the different colored bubbles hit the paper and burst they leave inventive patterns. As the pattern grows the picture will become more complete and the result will be pretty interesting - it's as simple as that!

Color is a great tool to use when keeping children entertained and can be used very easily. Say if you have three kids - give them a colored felt tip pen each and a sheet of paper. Next it's time to go outdoors. Take a hike near some 'green' rural areas if possible. If a child has a blue colored pen then get them to write down everything they spot that is blue on their sheet of paper. Each child should do this with the color they have been given.

Keeping children entertained through the different seasons is not as hard as you may think. having them sitting in front of a TV all day is a horrible sight. Create an activity or experiment to capture their imagination and throw in a little education at the same time.

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