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Kids Microscope Experiments
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Kids Microscope Experiments

So you've bought your child a microscope and you cannot wait to start educating them. One problem - kids microscope experiments! There's no point in having a tidy model of microscope sitting on a desk with no real purpose other than examining your fingertips.

If your child struggles a little with science subjects in school then it is always a good idea to see if you can help them outside the classroom. A lot of children find aspects of science as difficult as some aspects of mathematics - I was unfortunately one of these children. If you can somehow light the spark inside them and grab their attention you will be able to change their mind on the subject of science.

With a microscope the most important parts will be your slides - these are usually made up with the actual slide and a slide cover. You want to create your own slides and you want your children to be a big part of this process. The great thing about kids microscope experiments is that you can make slides out of just about any ordinary household item.

My favorite kids microscope experiments is really simple - it involves on normal cork from a wine bottle. Now this is one of the kids microscope experiments that needs a parents close supervision. This is mainly because a slice of cork is needed for the microscope slide and the best way to do this is to use a razor blade.

Pop a drop of water on the slide you are going to use and make sure the drop of water is larger in width than the piece of cork - place the cork on top of the water. Here's a little bit of a tricky part - lower a slide cover onto the cork at an angle resting against the cork, the cork will soak up a the majority of the water.

Once you look at the cork under high power of a microscope you will notice cells all through the substance. This is where living matter used to live inside the wood but has died and rotted away leaving an empty cell - it looks pretty cool and your kids will love it!

This is just one of the fun, simple kids microscope experiments that are available to you. The more you find and complete with your child the more interested in science they will become. Why not try and see what you can find in your house to study?

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Interesting activities for lessons. Thanks for sharing these.

  about 1 decade ago
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