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Where Are We Really
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Where Are We Really

Something I have always wondered about.

Black holes we know are remnants of stars that have long died out. This is something that has been proven over just the last few years.

There are all sorts of theories that have been adopted and I think the big bang is definitely possible.

There seems to be some thought as to what happened before the big bang. Possibly two universes collided and caused the chain reaction. One thing puzzles me about the big bang theory is the fact that maybe just maybe it didn't happen that way at all.

No matter what stars or galaxies we seem to look at we are always told the redder the galaxy the faster it is moving away from us. A blue shift if it is moving towards us.

I always hear of more moving away from us so we must be the center of the universe. Don’t we all wish that!!

They have aged the universe at about 13.7 Billion years.

The thing that really puzzles me is when we look at all the galaxies they all seem to be moving away from us. This would put us at the center of the big bang.

Where did the center occur? Thinking about it now no matter what direction we look in we never see where it started. Is it still exploding?

Another thing I wonder, when we look at a video of all the big bang theory movies, the explosion always comes toward us. Maybe it’s just me but every time I see an explosion above the earth, it always explodes in all directions.

Perhaps what we see as a visible universe is just a portion and its actually far older than we predict. What we can see is 13.7 billion years however I think perhaps it is far older.

What I am going to do is give you my theory of the universe. A theory is a theory and its entirely up for debate as all theories are.

After all why have a theory if you can’t challenge it. The world was thought of as a flat plane where the sun moved around it. And that was proved wrong.

For those of you who don’t understand out Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy is a spiral galaxy and we have recently figured it out that the center of every galaxy is a super massive black hole

A black hole as I said before is created when a star dies it explodes and then implodes on itself. The mass of a black hole is incredibly high. The density of material is probably beyond most comprehension.

A teaspoon of black hole material would weigh in the millions of tons. (Just saying very heavy).

The Milky Way is so vast and has countless stars. The stars we see at night is just a small portion of what is in our galaxy. To give you an idea of the size our galaxy is I will do some simple math for you

The closest star is our sun which is 93 million miles away from us. It takes light about 8 minutes to reach us. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second (299792.458 km/s) so knowing this we can do a small calculation like this:

8 mins x 60 seconds per minute= 480 seconds

So if you multiply those 480 seconds by the speed of light you end up close to 93 million miles.

This is where it gets interesting

If you find out how many seconds in a year

It goes like this: take 60 seconds and multiply that by the number in an hour which is 60

So 3600 seconds in an hour multiplied by the number in a day 24

So 86400 seconds in a day multiplied by 365 days

So 31536000 seconds in a year.

So in order to find out how far something is what we want to do is take the seconds in a year and multiply that by the speed of light

So 31536000 x 186000 = 5,868,696,000,000 miles

In words is 5 trillion,868 billion,696 million miles. The distance light travels in one year.

Now lets put this in perspective for someone who drives at 60 miles per hour.

If you divide the miles light travels in a year by 60 you get

97 761 600 000 hours or divide by 24

4 073 400 000 days divide that by 365 Which gives you 11 160 000 years It would take you over 11 million years to drive the distance light travels in one year.

Now lets get back to the galaxy I said previously that the nearest star is out sun and the Milky Way has millions of stars in it. So the next closest star to us is Proxima century, it measures 4.2 light years away. So you can imagine just how far away that is.( If you wanted to drive there that is.) So we live in a galaxy that has such an immense size compared to us but is just a small piece of where we are. Especially when we compare it to the big bang. I have a radical idea about the big bang and it kind of goes against all theories so far. What if there really was no big bang at all. Since all matter in the known universe has mass and a gravitational force applied to it. Black holes are at the center of galaxies. What if you could imagine our universe as another universe, one of many? Just as planets rotate around the sun, and the sun rotates around the black hole at the center of the galaxy. The galaxy is then rotating around another black hole which is where the big bang originated. So the center of the universe is actually a super huge black hole and we are spinning around it at shocking speeds. Everything else is flying around with us. This dark matter would also mix with each other causing great dark matter storms. The implications of this idea are huge. The thing here is our universe is another galaxy in many universes. And the space between them is so vast the light would never reach earth. EVER! In order to make this theory work all we have to do is apply the same physics that is contained in our own galaxy and apply it to the new larger galaxy which we now call our universe. This could bring up other points as well like what happens when two universes collide into one another. The complete randomness of this event would be astounding and yet so perfect. Other considerations are the dark matter however the dark matter may not be as heavy as predicted if this were the case. I believe the mass of dark matter is the same weight as the” stuff in the universe”. As I mentioned this is just a theory and there is no way to prove it or disprove it and I would love some further comment from others regarding this subject. Perhaps expanding on my ideas.

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