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Where Einstein And Modern Physicists Fudged Up Or What The Aliens Know That Our Scientists Do Not; Part III: Time And Time Again!
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One of the major constraints of Einstein’s relativity is the temporal dimension. According to the general theory traveling faster than light allows one to go into the past. Therefore most physicists will not even consider the idea of traveling faster than light because they cannot explain this phenomenon. The time coordinate can move forwards or backwards, mathematically, without reason. However the aliens know this is not the case in reality, and for good reason.

Say you traveled faster than light and went fifty years into the past. There you killed your grandfather so you were never born. How did you wind up in the future to travel back into the past? This is the paradox that physicists and sci-fi writers have played with for years, but no one really knows the answer, except the aliens. Let us look at this from a logical point of view.

If you really traveled back into the past fifty years, when you are standing Earth and looking up into the night sky you would have to see the same constellations the way they were fifty years ago. You did not just send yourself back into the past, but you also reversed fifty years of Entropy of the universe. That takes a lot of power and energy. I know of no one that can violate the second law of thermodynamics, except maybe God, himself.

What is Entropy? Entropy is the measure of chaos of any system. In the universe each moment is more chaotic than the last. Simply, it is the expenditure of energy without reversal. I have seen it likened to a billiard table where all the balls are racked in the triangular, orderly fashion, and then the que ball hits them and scatters them all over the table. The scattering is entropy as the balls bounce off the rails and one another chaotically until they come to rest, dissipating the energy interjected by the que ball. But let us take this just a little further and say that the balls are racked sequentially from one to fifteen. This takes more time and energy and intelligence than just racking the balls. (My explanation of why I believe in God. I digress however). In Einstein’s concept of time travel into the past all the billiard balls must retrace their exact chaotic path back to the triangular formation. This is possible in Einstein’s concept of relativity, not in reality.

We see it is impossible from a logical point of view to travel into the past, but the theories of relativity allow this very thing. This cannot happen not because relativity is wrong but because there is not just one temporal dimension, but two temporal dimensions. The biggest surprise is we use them every day without even knowing it or ever being disoriented. Nature compensates well.

I must confess I was not the first to consider this. Actually two great physicists of the past, Arthur Milne and P.A.M. Dirac, were the first enlightened physicists to think of this. However their efforts fell short, trying to preserve relativity in its current form they considered one temporal dimension to be the exponent of the other and experiments failed to prove this out. It doesn’t mean they were wrong. The temporal dimensions are simply added together along with the other dimensions in the coordinate system.

You do not believe me? You just have to look as far as your GPS. The Ground Positioning System (GPS) uses two temporal properties to locate anyone at any time on the face of the Earth. One is called motional or coordinate time (electromagnetic time according to the special theory of relativity) and the other is called proper or gravitational time (as according to the general theory of relativity). There is the time dilation of the clock involved with coordinate or motional time and the relative positional time dilation involved with the position of the clock in the gravity well. The professional journal NATURE just recently published an article that showed that cesium atoms, the atoms by which we set up our atomic clocks, vibrate at different rates just one meter apart in a gravity well. (A gravity well simply meaning different depths and gravitational densities.) In other words, the cesium atoms on the ground at the bottom of your meter stick will vibrate slightly slower than the ones one meter off the ground on the top of your meter stick.

What is time dilation? This simply means a slowing down of time. It was introduced in the special theory of relativity. A clock in uniform linear translation will supposedly move slower than one which is at rest. However this is an observational illusion. The reason for this is because rest and uniform linear translation are two sides of the same uniform motion, just observer dependent. Rest can be defined as uniform motion where the relative velocity of an object with respect to an observer is equal to zero; uniform linear translation (a constant steady speed without variation) can be defined as uniform motion where the relative velocity of an object with respect to an observer is unequal to zero. And both of these forms of uniform motions are in a state of equilibrium, meaning all forces acting on them add up to zero.

This is one of the great mental paradoxes of the special theory of relativity. Physicists often use the concept of two rocket ships passing each other going opposite directions. Observers on one ship notice the clock on the other ship moving slower than their clock on their ship. The observers on the other ship also notice the exact same time dilation on the other ship as they pass by. Whose clock is really going slower? The answer is that both clocks are moving at the same rate. If you select a position outside the ships that is exactly in between and equidistant at all times, say the center of gravity between them, you will see that the clocks move at exactly the same rate.

However if you bring the clocks together to compare you will find one is slower than the other. That is because as one of the clocks remains steady and the other clock is brought to it, this other clock had to slow down and stop and reverse direction and then accelerate to get up to the steady clock. Einstein proved in his general theory that acceleration and deceleration is the same as passing through gravity and gravity slows the time of the clock just as acceleration and deceleration does.

This is why I always found the twin paradox so interesting. One twin leaves Earth at twenty years old on a rocket ship on a twenty light-year mission traveling at the speed of light. He comes back, his brother is forty years older and he has only aged a few years. This won’t happen, not unless the rocket ship accelerates half way there and decelerates the other half, and does the same thing on the return trip. It’s the acceleration and deceleration that locks in the time dilation, not the constant uniform speed of the rocket ship, even at the speed of light.

Of course this being true then it means that our universe is five dimensional just as Theodore Kaluza suggested in 1920. The only difference is that Kaluza never thought of the extra dimension as a temporal dimension. But a force divided by a field is equal to a linear dimension, so that we would have s^2 = x^2 + y^2 + z^2+[ - c^2(tsube^2 + tsubg^2)]. It does unite all the forces of nature.

Physicists little understand or comprehend the dimension of time. Newton saw time as absolute, unaffected forever marching forward, Einstein saw time as being affected by a traveler’s relative velocity through it. Physicists really do not know how or why it exists, but they do know how to measure it very precisely or at least they think they do. The truth is they don’t understand the one dimension of time and could hardly even conceive the idea of two, when the truth is that every field has it on temporal dimension and since there are four major forces known to science they may all have their own temporal dimensions. To travel into the past one has to reverse and retrace each and every one of these dimensions exactly without deviation. This is what the aliens know and why if one has the energy and power you can travel as fast as you like through space and time without ever traveling into the past.

The unique thing about this equation is that it shows that no matter how many times faster than the speed of light one goes, one cannot travel into the past. Time simply slows, infinitely, collapsing behind critical radius after critical radius while the observer moves through it. Because 2KM/c^2 equals RsubS, which is Schwarzschild’s critical radius, and if one lets v equal the speed of light, c, then our equation becomes the following;delta t=RsubSsubU/(2+n^2)/c

And therefore time slows infinitely with respect to the critical radius of the Universe but it never reverses itself, no matter how fast we go.

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