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Where Einstein And Modern Physicists Fudged Up Or What The Aliens Know That Our Scientists Do Not! Part VI Black Holes Full Of Worm Holes?
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In 1916 when Einstein first published his General Theory of Relativity there was a Prussian Officer, Karl Schwarzschild, a former math teacher in Germany who immediately produced an equation that showed a mass could be so dense as to never let light escape a certain critical radius. Today this radius is known as the Schwarzschild radius.

Einstein and the physics community at the time believed that this radius could never be reached because the forces in the atoms would never let this collapse happen.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s it once again found favor when quasars were discovered and today it is a currently accepted concept that most galaxies have a black hole at their center.

However Black Holes are not logical with respect to the special theory of relativity. Because Black Holes will not let anything traveling at the speed of light escape its critical radius, and because special relativity says nothing can exceed the speed of light, then a Black Hole should be exactly that, a Black Hole. In other words there should be no distortions outside the critical radius. The only thing you should see is a black hole without relative distortions of the surrounding space-time continuum. But that is how they discover them, by the gravitational distortion of the space-time fabric around the black hole.

Dr. Richard Feynman and other physicists say this is due to virtual gravitons that are not subject to the laws of special relativity, but virtual particles are simply virtually nothing. They are a contrivance invented by physicists to explain the existence and transfer of energy in static fields they cannot explain any other way. Instead of using the all permeating Ether, because it is not suppose to exist, they invent virtual particles as a method of static field transfer of energy. Virtual photons and virtual gravitons are what is transferred between atomic particles and mass respectively to hold the particles or masses in orbit and transfer virtual energy from one to the other.

In actuality if black holes exist, and scientists are pretty sure they do, they are a perfect explanation for any mass traveling faster than light. All black holes are neutral in nature because as the mass increases in density it overcomes any electromagnetic charge as the unified field equation demonstrates. As an object falls into a black hole the light emanating from the object fades into red and then disappears, the very same thing that would happen when an object moving away from you at the velocity the light would do.

Unfortunately, our physicists only assume one temporal dimension, but the aliens know and I have shown you that there are two temporal dimensions. But because scientists only use one time dimension they assume the object falling into a black hole takes forever from the point of view of someone observing from outside the black hole. But with two time dimensions the electromagnetic temporal dimension can actually blink out, diminish to an apparent singularity from the outsiders’ point of view, while the gravitational temporal dimension remains and can be measured as a change in mass and/or angular momentum. In this way the object simply appears to have been swallowed up by a black hole or has simply attained the speed of light with respect to the outside observer.

Now wormholes are another interesting contrivance of theoretical physicists, but in actuality is an apt description of how the aliens travel through space. If space contracts with the motion of objects, such as space ships, moving through it then a wormhole is the perfect description of how space folds and the space ship appears in another part of the galaxy traveling faster than light. However this takes enormous amounts of energy as the unified field equation shows, so the aliens have developed other ways to jump without using all their fuel.

In scientific circles wormholes are called Einstein-Rosen Bridges after Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen who suggested it. But let us take an excerpt from the Wikipedia about wormholes that are called Schwarzschild wormholes; “The Einstein-Rosen Bridge was discovered by Albert Einstein and his colleague Nathan Rosen, who first published the result in 1935. However, in 1962 John A. Wheeler and Robert W. Fuller published a paper showing that this type of wormhole is unstable, and that it will pinch off too quickly for light (or any particle moving slower than light) that falls in from one exterior region to make it to the other exterior region.”

There are two problems with Dr. Wheeler’s and Dr. Fuller’s logic. They first assume nothing can go faster than light which is the standard accepted theory of today and secondly they are dealing with only one temporal dimension. The aliens know that all neutral mass can travel faster than light and travelling faster than light they can enter a wormhole from one side and emerge from the other somewhere else in space before it collapses again. They have probed many of these features and use them quite extensively, allowing them to travel many light-years through space in only a few minutes with respect to the rest of space. They know that while electromagnetic time has dilated extensively with them their gravitational time is fairly uniform through the universe which allows them to travel throughout space-time and return home to see their families.

This is actually the way we will do it one day in the future, but for now we must languish in this scientific quagmire until our physicists wake up.

In our next discussion we will talk about Schrodinger’s cat and multiple universes, not.

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