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Matrim Cauthon

The most mischievous and roguish protagonist within the Wheel of Time series is, without a doubt, Matrim Cauthon. Going by Mat, this young daredevil is a cunning young man who has an extreme lucky streak, no doubt due to his nature as a Ta'veren. Mat is a handsome young man with a devilish grin and generally good humor

Hailing from the village of Emond's Field along with Rand and Perrin, Mat is happy to have escaped the Two Rivers. His character is such that he never really took to the simple lifestyle of a farmer so much as the other. Of course despite his ever growing influence, Mat refuses to allow people to refer to him as Lord Mat or Lord Cauthon.

Mat has a rocky relationship with the Aes Sedai. They originally brought him forth out of the Two Rivers, an act that saved his life. Additionally they healed him from the poisons of an evil dagger of contaminated evil. This dagger was picked up from the haunted and corrupt city of Shadar Logoth and anything which remains for too long within the boundaries of that city becomes corrupted and evil. Mat had taken possession of the dagger while there but had then lost it. Unfortunately in order to be healed from the poisonous effects, the dagger was required, so Mat and Rand travel across the world chasing after the thief who stole it.

Ta'veren are people who pull the pattern (the substance that gives meaning to the universe of Robert Jordan) to themselves, which causes many flukes and miracles to occur in odd places at inconceivable times. Mat uses this t his advantage. He can practically control luck, leading to many lucrative wins at dice games and other forms of gambling.

Having gradually begun to have memories of past men and past lives from the last several thousand years, Mat stumbles across a world where those within will grant wishes and answers. Not understanding the terms of the conditions (always read the small print) Mat enters an agreement only to awaken hung from a tree with a medallion, ashandarei spear, and his memories completely filled. The medallion grants him immunity to any channeling which any Aes Sedai may try upon him while the ashandarei serves as an extremely useful weapon, as it is a power-forged weapon it never rusts or dulls and is the perfect weapon for Mat, due to his expertise with a quarterstaff. Matt is so good with a quarterstaff that he actually takes on and defeats two young sword experts at once.

Mat is the comedy relief within the Wheel of Time books. He starts off the series as a complete prankster not taking life too seriously and always looking for ways to earn some quick money as well as a lovely lass here and there. If you spend any time with these books, you will come to love this rogue who brings humor to even the darkest places.

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