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The Best New Scifi Books
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In the literary world today there are lots of books to choose from. Determining which books to buy can be challenging. Not to fear for Warbreaker is here! Warbreaker is an excellent book and a great buy.

Warbreaker, by Brandon Sanderson, is a stand-alone novel about a world in which two kingdoms called Hallandren and Idris are on the brink of war with each other. Hallandren is ruled by "Gods" who survive by taking the breath of people (the breath is a form of magic called BioChromatic magic). People who have died in glory come back as Gods and are to live confined to a pantheon in their capital city. These Gods will live forever as long as they get this breath from their faithful followers once a week. Each person is born with a single breath and he or she can do with it as they please. This, however, causes a great market for the rich and the poor usually end up selling their breath just to survive.

The other kingdom, Idris, sees these Gods as evil since they seem to be stealing the souls from their own people. However, the armies are small and a marriage between the God king and the daughter from Idris helps keep a peace treaty going between the two kingdoms. It is when the daughter from the Idris kingdom enters the palace of the God king that shows an unexpected side of the Gods.

In just about every Brandon Sanderson novel there is a form of magic. Sanderson transforms the traditional stories about magic into something new and exciting. In Warbreaker, magic is based on colors. Each color has a special meaning. The Gods use magic to collect the breath from their followers in order to stay alive.

Warbreaker is an exciting and interesting novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. You will see why Warbreaker is one of the best new sci fi books. Warbreaker definitely deserves the four out of five stars it received.

If you do not have time to read a good book like Warbreaker you can also listen to it on your phone or ipod on your way to and from work or on your lunch breaks. James Yaegashi does a great job narrating this novel. You will be entranced and left wanting more. Warbreaker is definitely one of the best new sci fi books I have ever read.

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