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What is a Cuttlebug Machine

In case you are new to the world of cuttlebugs, the Cuttlebug machine is made by Provo Craft and is used to die-cut shapes, letters, numbers, characters and also to emboss cardstock and die-cuts. It will cut through thin felt, metal, chipboard, papers and more.

The Cuttlebug is a fantastic addition to any scrapper as you will never have to search for the exact words for your title or chipboard shapes again. It is very versatile, you don’t need to plug it in and it comes with a handle for easy carting.


Now one of the great features of the Cuttlebug machine is the cuttlebug embossing folders. You can emboss your cardstock, die-cuts and paper with an amazing array of patterns and words. It is such a quick and easy way to make beautiful cards and to add texture to your die-cuts.

For an example of an easy card once you have your base card folded and ready, cut out a smaller piece of contrasting colour cardstock. Pick out the cuttlebug embossing folder that you want to use, run it through the machine (following the manual guidelines), attach it to the top of your base card. You could either then cut out some die-cut shapes, such as butterflies, birthday presents, hearts etc. and put them on top of your embossed cardstock and attach ribbons, bling, buttons etc. You could even ink or chalk over the top of your embossed cardstock to make the embossing image stand out more. This is just one example of a very easy card to make. I like to use my cuttlebug to die-cut tags and then I run them back through the machine using a cuttlebug embossing folder. This really adds an interesting texture to an otherwise ordinary tag. This technique can also be used on any die-cut, although on the smaller images it may be easier to emboss the paper first and then cut them out. What a great way to make your own embellishments.

Imagine how quick and easy it will be to make your own Christmas cards this year. There are some fabulous Christmas embossing folders and you will be truly inspired once you see what you can create.

There are many tutorials available on the internet that can help you if you are stuck for ideas or are not sure how to use the cuttlebug embossing folders.

You really will have hours and hours of fun playing with your cuttlebug machine and cuttlebug embossing folders and you will soon be creating masterpieces of your own.

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