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So You Want To Be A Screen Writer?
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So You Want To Be A Screen Writer?

You'd think that writing is not as simple as it first appears, right? Hmm, I wouldn't say that it's any more difficult than digital art. Like many things in life - you need to practice and practice and practice and... - I'm sure you get it by now. There are many books that explain how to write a screenplay, but how many of them actually work? Well, let's find out the formula to success!

Remember Something Important

Don't just write a bunch of gibberish like I tend to do. When you are writing your script - make sure to entice the audience. Every character is designed to tell their own story. Very rarely does the audience care for what happens to characters who are just filler. Learn to connect the character traits with the plot and add in certain details of the character into each scene that contains them. Say for example: A dirty macho character will more than likely have beer bottles laying around and his room or area where he resides - will contain a fairly messy outlook that defines who the character is.

Avoid Adding Scenes Just For The Sake of IT

Exposition is great and all, but sometimes people tend to go overboard and the story just runs on and on until the audience says "Where the heck did the plot go, who are these people and why should I care for them?!" Once you start hearing the boos - you know that something is up. Don't let it get to that - write wisely. Another thing, which is also a personal pet peeve of mine - are scenes that are there just for the sake of being random and annoying - pretty much any of the films with the word 'movie' in them.

Action Does Not Tell The Story!

This is what many Hollywood films do, these days. There are just so many explosions that a person could stand in a single movie. I know that it's not the scriptwriters who are in charge of the special effects and what not, but it is up to YOU to make a decent enough script so as to not having to worry about the director saying "Meh, this scene is too boring, let's add in some Krazy Glue! Hahahah!" or whatever it is that he/she intends to do. If you have no control over your script then...find another studio to write for. :P

Endings Could KILL A Movie

This one is quite possibly the most vicious aspect of any filmmaker's scenario. I sometimes look back at Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and see how the movie could have been so much better - if they didn't kill off most of the main characters. Don't listen to the childish remarks of critics who say that you need a more serious tone for your films - we aren't writing a freaken war drama here (or perhaps we are?) Not everyone needs to die in a film to make it a good movie!

When you write a script - make sure that you know what you are doing. Seriously, I would personally recommend that you learn these skills and way more - by researching and looking for the right book/information.

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