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This article is about an excellent program that I just started that has really got me ranking super fast in Google's search engines. The program is called Google Sniper. Google sniper was created by a man named George Montague Brown, a 20 year old self made millionaire by way of affiliate marketing. I am not at all advertising this program through this article, though I am simply expressing my experiences with it and how I could scream from the rooftops on how well it helped my affiliate marketing campaigns out.

In Google Sniper, George all but takes you by the hand and guides you through the sniper site building process. He goes into painstaking detail on how to build these sites that simply kill the rankings in google's search engine. His teachings really get your site noticed and generating traffic in very little time. He refers to a fully set up site to be "Running on Autopilot". So basically you would just set up the site and for months and months to come, it will generate it's own traffic. As long as you have a good quality pre-sell page on your blog and you are promoting a nice product with an attractive sales page, you can make loads of money with this.

Google Sniper includes several video tutorials and also an in depth E-book to download and follow. The videos are basically an over the shoulder view as he finds a niche, finds his keyword, and builds his entire site from start to finish with extreme detail. George's Videos are all from around 10 minutes long up to around 35 minutes long. One thing that I’ve really enjoyed about George’s teachings, is that he really knows how to explain everything in great detail to make it completely comprehensive even to a beginner.

I got started on affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate University, Another great program for affillate marketers just starting out, and experienced as well. They also show you the ropes with an extensive guide, helpful forums, and videos on affiliate marketing. I was completely new to affiliate marketing when I went to Wealthy Affiliate University. What I did and I recommend that you do if you are interested in affiliate marketing is to get started with WAU, learn the ropes, use their in house website building and other tools and forums, and then learn to make your site easily recognized by the search engine with Google Sniper.

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Thanks for the article Jason. Very clarifying. I am a new member of WA., and I was thinking on using Google Sniper. Do you think the techniques will still be useful in the years ahead?

  about 1 decade ago
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