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Jaaxy Vs Other Search Engine Keyword Tools
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Jaaxy Vs Other Search Engine Keyword Tools

There are many search engine keyword tools available on the market today, which seem at quick glance to be quite impressive. However manyof them possess the same features and are not very accurate. Now searchers are looking for extra features which will give a boost to their campaigns and work effectiveness. There is now a new keyword tool called Jaxxy which is a multipurpose tool capable of predicting with a great amount of certainty which keyword has the best chance against its comprtition.

Many internet marketers, professionals and top SEO's search fore unique, long-tailed keyword which not only have good traffic volumes but also low competition. It sounds incredible that a keyword tool that is so low in cost can give this much detail and information. “Free” keyword tools are not always the wisest choice as they may seem to be accurate, but in reality are not. This is where the difference when comparing other high priced or free keyword tools and Jaaxy.

What makes Jaxxy Search engine keyword tool a real treat for SEOs?

It is a proven fact that selecting the right domain and keywords can make or break a campaign, there are certain tools which only a professional SEO can offer for your website depending upon the type of your website. For that reason only the best search engine keyword tool should be considered when contemplating or launching a new campaign. TheJaxxy keyword tool is the tool that can actually do what a SEO wants to do in a short time and with a comprehensive analysis.

What Can The Jaxxy Keyword Tool Can Actually Do?

The best quality keyword search tool, chosen from among both paid and free keyword tools would be valuable if:

  • It has QKI (Quality Keyword Indicator) with three colors which indicate the type of keywords for usage i.e orange is for ok, green for great and red is for poor.
  • SEO Power checker basically checks the rise and fall in traffic thus indicating the scale and the trend line which may help in identifying the individual visitors landing on the website.
  • Estimating the potential traffic feature allows user to view the traffic and clicks per page.
  • It muxt give accurate and detailed analsis of monthly and prjected keyword search results which can help in identify the best niche to choose.

What are Jaxxy's search engine keyword tool best features?

Many will ask the same question: What is the Jaaxy tools best features? Well, suffice it to say that it is the complete and comprehensive keyword search engine tools package among other online keywords tools, both free or purchased. These are Jaaxy's best features:

  • It is simple to understand and use because it suggests the right keywords and gives you the most relevant search results
  • Suggests a perfect keyword phrase in no time with ease and accuracy.
  • Gives accurate QuotedSearch Results (QSR).
  • Gives other similar keyword suggestions and ideas.
  • Reports on relevant domains still available.
  • Compares competition and SERPS
  • Suggests relevant Affiliate Programs.

Check it out - you won't be disappointed!

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does been a member of wealth affilliate cover membership/use of jaxxy

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Tobi, unfortunately WA does not include the use of Jaaxy, however, There is a similar tool within WA.

  about 9 years ago
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