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Keyword Search Engine Tool
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Keyword Search Engine Tool

Having a good keyword tool is now an essential part of internet marketing. Serious online marketers have used one keyword tool or another. And they will probably use a few more until they discover a really good, trustworthy keyword tool. Accuracy, efficiency, ease of use are all things that those serious about search engine marketing both demand and need. That they want tools that can improve their results - that is obvious.

They demand true results, but all tools are based on results pulled from the major search engines - Google, Bing. But do search engines like Google give access to the real data? The API that most keyword search engine tools had been using was suddenly "depreciated."

As on Nov 1, 2010, the GoogleSearch API has been officially deprecated.The SOAP Search API has now been replaced with the AJAX Search API which now can be used from any web application. But this has left everyone scrambling.

In answer to this latest development, a new tool called Jaaxy has now been launched, which makes accurate search data available and usable. Now online marketers can launch campaigns with confidence and be able to develop a strategy that will satisfy the new search criterion. One other problem that Jaaxy gets around is the limitation of only 8 searches per call. The structure of the Jaaxy data query system makes many searches at once possible.

Jaaxy takes the new raw data from Google and processes results that are usable. The KQI, (keyword, quality indicator) assigns a strength score, indicating in stop-light fashion if the keyword is a red, yellow or green light, green light meaning "go." You can assess the relative strength that a keyword will have directly against the SERP competition, along with the QSR (quoted search results). These are the "real" searches that you are actually competing for. It is the equivalent of putting your search term in quotation marks, so that only the pages that contain the actual keyword search term are given.

You can then save all of your best keywords along with the associated data to a keyword list for future review. If you need additional inspiration, you can check out the related keywords and do a search on each of those terms that seem to fit. Amazing possibilities emerge! Some keywords are very surprising and therefore often glossed over or missed entirely. That is your gain.Choose the best keywords for domains and use the rest for content. It couldn't be easier!

There are lots of other great features and tools that make the Jaaxy keyword search engine tool indispensable. If you are serious you cannot afford not to check it out!

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