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Keyword Search Volume - How Much Matters?
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No Internet Marketer will want to waste time and money optimizing their website for the search engines with keywords that will not boost traffic to their website. In fact, every internet marketer will want to know their keyword search volume in order to find out the best keywords to use in their marketing campaign. That is why using a keyword tool that measures keyword search volume per month, preferably per day, is a sure bet for success in helping to determine the right keywords.

Keyword analysis is a vital aspect of SEO. No matter how strong your link building is, you will only get a fraction of the traffic if you don't target a keyword with the right keyword search volume and low competition that can monetize well. In this article, I want to help you know if your keyword has got a good keyword search volume.

It is wise to compare results from different keyword tools to be sure your keyword has got the right keyword search volume. If your keyword shows a strong keyword search volume across various keyword tools, chances are that the volume is good. Another technique I use is to look at the keyword search volume for an exact match keyword. Rather than as larger part of the keyword/phrase match, the keyword typed should be exactly as it is.

Another way of knowing your keyword search volume is to run a Google Adwords campaign. In other words, you will bid on the keywords of interest in Ad Words so that your ad can appear in the search results for the particular keyword. Again, I need to say your campaign should be on exact match of the keyword of interest. That will give you an impression of the exact match of the keyword search volume. Once you run the Ad Words campaign, you can see at a glance the estimate impressions given to your ad. Just set up your campaign correctly, and the impressions will give you an accurate estimate of the given keyword search volume.

You need not have a site to run a campaign, but just run a campaign that links to another site. Be sure to request that impressions are served as soon as possible; besides, bidding enough to ensure your ad is always displayed. Use only the search network and await Google Adwords to report on the keyword impressions. I think it will surely be worth your while to wait for Google Adwords’ report on your keyword impressions.

Having said all of the above, you need to always bear in mind that knowing keyword search volume is but only a step out of the entire keyword evaluation procedures. Keyword competition as well as the profitability is important. I hope I have been able to give you a good evaluation here as regards keyword search volume. If so, do what is right, and not just what you like to get to the top of the search engines. It will surely help if you t would heed my advice.

Find out more about a Jaaxy, a tool dedicated to helping you analyze keywords.

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