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SEO Keyword Tool: If You Have A Website You Need A Keyword Tool
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SEO Keyword Tool: If You Have A Website You Need A Keyword Tool

If you have an online presence in the form of a blog, a facebook page or a content-website you surely want online targeted traffic stopping by your online property. This is why you need to optimize your site for relevant search keywords making it easy for people to find you listed in search engines when searching for those same relevant keywords. This is one of the reasons why you need an SEO Keyword Tool.

The overall idea is that by using SEO Keyword Tools you can find and analyze the best search keywords for your website and implement onsite and offsite search engine optimization (SEO), for example using the best search keywords in your domain name, titles, body content, article marketing, press releases, image names and alt-text, and so on... And most important make sure your content is not only of good quality but also relevant to those search keywords.

An SEO Keyword Tool will help you finding important data about your search keywords, for example monthly search volume and level of competition for those same keywords; but a well rounded and more professional tool will not stop there, it will also suggest a number of related keywords which attract additional search volume and possibly come with lower competition; you can also gather additional data like how well the competition is optimized for your search keywords (SERP), how good those keywords are for article marketing, even suggest related products you could advertise on your website to generate additional income, provide quick access to hot trends data.

There are free SEO Keyword Tools and resources you can find online including google adwords external keyword tool, but with free tools and resources you will not easily have access to up to date data and you will have to use a number of these free resources together to gather all the data you need to implement SEO for your website or marketing. For example:

  • google external keywords tool for initial search volumes, related keywords, PPC competition
  • another free tool for further suggestions of related keywords
  • another free tool for Competition Analaysis
  • another free tool for basic product research
  • check a few different resources to find out what’s hot and marketable right now
  • the list can go on...

That is quite a lot of windows open on your desktop and quite a lot of separate resources to manage for one keyword!

A professional SEO Keyword Tool will be much more efficient and result in enhanced productivity offering quality data that is up to date, not only this but also complement key data like search volume and exact competition with additional useful data like good estimates of traffic you could receive for those search keywords, competition SEO analysis, keywords suggestions, SEO Power, domain name search, keywords lists management, hot trends, etc...

A professional SEO Keyword Tool is an essential weapon any online webmaster should own and it can mean the difference between marketing success or painful failure.

If you are new to SEO and have never used an SEO Keyword Research Tool you may want to read more about it and practice a little bit with free tools and resources to get familiar with the type of data available, how to read the data, how to translate available data into meaningful knowledge to generate actionable tasks. While time consuming, it will give you a better understanding of SEO Keyword Research and SEO Keyword Tools. Then, armed with this knowledge you will be in a better position to understand which professional SEO Keyword Tool better fits your needs.

Of course the more time you will spend using free tools and resources the more you will appreciate how much better it would be if you had a similar tool that was able to provide you with all the data you needed in one place, focussed on key data types without overwhelming you with superfluous data types. A professional SEO Keyword Tool will do that for you and with your previous experience with free tools you will be able to make the most of what paid-for tools offer as soon as you get your hands on one.

You will also quickly learn which data is the most important keyword data you must know for your search keywords, the rest of the data and competition analysis will then provide you with additional angles and information to further evaluate your search keywords and find the best search terms for your specific need and to include in your search engine optimization marketing.

Free seo tools will cost you money in the long term due to the time you will need to spend between different online resources and money you may not earn due to not having access to higher quality data. But they will get you started at no immediate cost which for a beginner can be a good thing.

A well featured yet affordable professional SEO Keyword Tool will make you more money quicker due to quality of data, more refined interface, better workflow.

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