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Seo Stats Site Analysis
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Seo Stats Site Analysis

If you have been trying to run a website with the proper seo stats and site analysis I'm afraid you've been spinning your wheels. I have only recently learned about the importance of all this. I ran several campaigns on different sites with zero results. At that time I really didn't know much about Seo at all. Even worse is I didn't know how to analyze my own websites for various tags. Alt tags,h1,or h2 tags.

So, I did what I always do and educated myself.

I found all the places that my sites needed help. I started with my descriptions. I knew I needed a description but I didn't have any. This is bad news. A site description is one of the first things searcher and search engines look at. Luckily for me this was an easy fix. I use word press so things like creating a site description are sometimes as easy as finding the correct plug in. Honestly this is what I use on all my sites today. At least the ones that I have word press on. Its usually pretty easy just put in your keywords in right spot and use them in the description box. I use the all in one seo pack plug in for this. Its simple to use and simple to configure and its simple to install obviously.

The next thing I had to look at was title tags. Again I really had no clue about what these were. After some reading thought I knew they played a crucial role in my seo strategy. The problem I was having previous to learning was that I had a lot of articles using the h1 and h2 fonts. This created a lot room for mistakes because I had all these h1 and h2 tags that were not optimized. In other words I started creating keyword rich h1 and h2 tags. These type of tags are generally used in the title of your article or blog post.

Finally, I found a tool that showed me all the areas where I had been making mistakes. The description, and all the title tags. It also showed me another area I knew nothing about which was the alt tags. These are tags in images that you post to your site. I figured out that if I put alt tags in all my images this would greatly benefit my seo strategy. So, I went back to all my sites and found all the images. I edited all of them and started putting my keywords in the alt tags. This has given me the boost I needed to get the search engine traffic I needed.

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penguins are loved

  about 2 years ago

Great info I bookmarked your site for later.

  about 5 years ago

Thanks the site is still a work in progress but we are adding stuff all the time. Thanks for reading.

  about 5 years ago
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