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The Internet Has Revolutionized Local Marketing
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The Internet Has Revolutionized Local Marketing

Everyone presupposes that the Internet is great for expanding the reach of your marketing efforts to a broader, global audience. But what many people fail to realize is that the Internet has also revolutionized local marketing as well. If you are looking for local restaurants in your area, or the nearest car repair shop, or the nearest movie theater in your area, you probably have already figured out by now that the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are very good at bringing you local search results.

So if you run a traditional brick-and-mortar business where commerce is done at a physical retail location, and you want to promote your business, then it only makes sense that your local marketing campaign should also heavily involve advertising on the Internet, not just through local newspapers, publications, or flyers, word of mouth, or billboards.

Let’s take the example of an Internet-savvy consumer living in Monroe, New Jersey who wants to buy flowers for his significant other. He will most likely Google the phrase “flower shops in Monroe, New Jersey”, to find a list of local flower shops in the vicinity of where he lives. If you were running a flower shop in the vicinity of Monroe, New Jersey, you would no doubt want a couple of things:

1. You want your listing to show up in the search results. 2. You would want your listing to show up prominently in the search results.

So if you want your local marketing campaign to include prominent placement in the search results for various locality-based search terms, then it would be in your best interests to work on a strategy for getting your website indexed as such. It is one thing to have your website show up in the search results for a general search term. But it requires a set of even more specific search engine optimization techniques in order to get your website indexed in such a way that it will show up in locality-based searches. And that too, it’s not enough to “just show up”. You obviously want to your listing to show up prominently as well (unless the user chooses to sort by distance from their current address).

Homes, offices, and schools aren’t the only places that people are accessing the Internet looking for information on local retail businesses. Millions of people are using GPS-enabled smart phone devices such as iPhones, Blackberries, and Android-based systems to look for the nearest “anything” from their current location. If your local marketing campaign doesn’t get you listed in their search results, and people can’t find you, then you will have lost a significant edge to your competition.

So what exactly does a local marketing campaign entail? How does it differ from traditional search engine optimization techniques? Does your website need to be coded differently, using different types of keywords and META tags? Whether you already have a website up and running for your existing business, or whether you have yet to design a website for your business from scratch, these are very important questions that you would no doubt need to take into consideration.

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