The Keyword King
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The Keyword King

In this blog post I am going to teach you some basic concepts about keywords in the content of your web site. I know...I know, the mention of a post on keywords is like taking a Valium and trying to read...WAKE-UP... this may be the most valuable post you will ever read on the subject (especially if it's the first one you have ever I am going to teach you how to be "The Keyword King".

"I hear all this talk about "keywords" needing to be used in my posts on my new web site...does it really matter?"

So let's assume you have come up with the coolest idea, for a web site, ever devised. Let's say you have a way to pre-select a mate and the relationship lasts a lifetime (that would be cool). You want to share it on the internet. Your method is the best...the research you have done is flawless...the method is easy to understand...and your real life application of this "totally awesome" method has given amazing results.

The only thing is you have a "slight problem" one has ever done this before. Furthermore, no one even knows it can be done...they don't even know it exists! Getting "the word" out to others is what you must do. That is the whole idea of selecting high value keywords.

Every human being has a set of words that they like to use in their vocabulary (called a vernacular). When we write we use the words that appeal to us. For people like us...who use similar words to explain things...our words will appeal to us only.

But what about the majority of other people who use different words? Well...without a way to select words that would appeal to them they will never find you on the internet. You see, when people search on the internet, they use the words that have a unique appeal to their own heart and soul.

It's like being in a orchard of flowers of all the same type. Imagine your web site is just one of those flowers. Why would a bee (someone surfing the internet) come pollinate your flower (your web site). What can you do to make your nectar (keywords) sweeter so that more "bees" come to your flower? That's what we do when we choose valuable "sweetens" your web site.

" I know I am supposed to be using keywords in the content of my web site but my site is so "cool" that it will generate interest without them."

History is full of people who had a great idea but no one knew about it. One example would be Nikola Tesla and his idea of wireless transmission of electrical current. He figured out how to do it in the 1930's but was never able to present the idea to the right people (the "money" people) and so we still use wires to transmit electricity. He died in 1943...penniless. A good idea that no one knows about is transmitted nowhere (pun definitely intended:).

You will generate "first looks" based on your keywords and your excellent content on your site will keep people returning. Think of keywords as your invitation...your main page as the first handshake...your content as the integrity of the relationship.

"Where do I get information about keywords so I can use them in the content of my web site?"

There are several web sites that serve as "keyword generators'. Some are free and others have a nominal cost. Given the value of having excellent keywords, use a service that simplifies the process, generates amazing keywords, and is cost effective (no one likes a "cashectomy" when starting their web site).

My best recommendation is called Jaaxy. Jaaxy provides 30 free searches and then charges a nominal fee per month. You can stop the service anytime you want. Their platform is easy to use. They have a 22 minute tutorial that explains exactly how to use their site. I think it is the best keyword generator on the market.

"What are the specific things I am looking for in my keywords?"

Keywords are very sensitive creatures. Putting a "the" or "and" in the keyword phrase can effect the traffic it draws. If your keyword(s) was something like "love for a lifetime" you would enter that into Jaaxy's search engine. In seconds, hundreds of derivatives of your original phrase "love for a lifetime" would be tabulated.

On the table for each derivative would be ranking according to traffic, competition, originality, and even if the domain is available for purchase. Jaaxy even "green lights" the best phrases, "yellow lights" the cautious phrases, and "red lights" the phrases not recommended (for those who don't like numbers). All you have to do is pick one of the "green lighted" keyword phrases (bearing in mind you want the meaning to remain the same) and embed it into your content. Amazing, eh (my Canadian influence:)?

Let's summarize...

I have reviewed with you what a keyword is...why it is important...and how to generate them with Jaaxy. You are now ready to check out what I have said. You are ready to be "The Keyword King (or Queen:) (click here for more articles)".

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