What Is Jaaxy
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What is Jaaxy

So What is Jaaxy ?

Well this is a question that you have probably pondered on if you have ever done any search engine marketing. That or if you ever found yourself looking for a better way to find a low competition keyword than you have more likely ran across the name Jaaxy.

The Jaaxy keyword tool is a competitive keyword research tool that was made by a small group of internet marketers for internet marketers.

This tool was designed to give folks like you a me an easier way to find keywords and check the competition of those keywords. That's not even mentioning the fact that it does the exact thing that the high dollar keyword research tools do and much more for a small fraction of the price.

I will give you a bit more about the price in a moment but for now (if it's OK with you) I would like to give you a look into the features that the Jaaxy keyword tool offers.

Great, So lets get to these features that are offered and see if it is really worth all the hype. So here are the features that I couldn't write and rank without.

Keyword Data- This is the feature that gives me my competitive keyword data and lets me know weather or not it is worth writing an article around it to try and rank.

This is easily noticed with a lighting system of green , yellow , and red and like a stop light green means go , yellow means maybe go , and red means stop you don't have the money to rank for that one.

Keyword List- This is an excellent feature that allows me to be able to export my low competition keywords to my computer so that I can reference them when I have to write on the go.

It is also easy to use because with a click of a button any keyword that I find can be put to a list that I can also name so the project I intend to use it for.

To Do List- OK this feature here was especially helpful when I was taking advantage of the free trail because it allowed me (like the keyword list) to save it for later.

Although this feature does not let you save it to your computer but it does keep you from having to use one of your searches to get the results again.

Competition- Without this feature I would never know who else or where else is using a keyword and ranking for it. As well as the other features this one is easy to use to, just clicking a button, and from what I can tell provides pretty accurate results.

After doing a search and I find a competitive keyword all I do is click on the competition tab and it brings up whether or not that keyword is ranking in YouTube, HubPages, Suidoo, here (StreetArticles).

Site Rank- I probably use this one way to much but I love to see my site ranking on the front page of Google for a fabulous keyword that the Jaaxy Keyword Tool had provided me.

In this feature all I have to do is fill in the proper fields with my site name and keyword phrase that I am wanting to rank for and with in seconds I have the results.

It also will keep track of all of my previous site ranking searches so that I can use it to see if any changes that I've made had an impact on my keyword rankings.

Brain Storm- Personally I do not use this one all that much but it is a pretty powerful feature none the less. Lets say you are having trouble coming up with something to write about and you need a few ideas.

Well this is where you would come to for all of the currently popular topics happening on the web (Current Events).

Although like I said this pulls up all of the popular topics so it might take you some time to find one that is relative to your particular niche but it works none the less.

Affiliate Program- Now if you have trouble finding the right affiliate programs to promote with your low competition keyword than this feature is what you have been missing.

The Jaaxy keyword tool has a directory of affiliate programs that it can link you to for any certain keyword you are wanting to use. Again this is not one that I use often but I have used it and can contest that it does do the job.

OK, so what is the price for a competitive keyword research tool like this one.

Well I can promise you that it is not near as much as leading keyword tools on the market today and in fact you can take this tool out for a test drive with 30 free searches.

After you sign up for your free searches you can become a Jaaxy affiliate and get others to sign up for free and you will get more free searches added to your account.

There are two paid versions and they are:

  • Jaaxy Pro which is $19 a month and will give you unlimited searches as well as access to other extras.
  • Jaaxy Enterprise will cost you $47 a month but will give you unlimited access to everything that they have to offer plus make search results come back five times faster.

Alrighty then, there you have it, and I hope this answered any questions as to 'What is Jaaxy' and if you still have any questions please feel free to check out my Jaaxy Keyword Tool review. Until next time Thanks for reading.

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