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Residential Security Cameras
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Are you looking for information on residential security cameras? I know it is a real headache trying to find the right residential security cameras for your budget and indeed the right type of camera to suit your particular needs.

In this article i will explain to you how to choose a residential security camera for your home and ensure that you have the right information from the outset for you to choose the right camera.

First off you have to decide why you need a residential security cameras. This is an important part of the process because different cameras have different specs and you may need a simple camera simply to monitor your bedroom or an elaborate 8-channel system to monitor multiple areas in your premises.

The most common reasons one will decide to invest in one of the residential security cameras are:

  1. As a nanny camera (watch how your nanny takes care of the children)
  2. To catch a cheating spouse (you need covert surveillance for this)
  3. To capture surveillance footage over a very wide area sometimes thousands of square feet in size (need for wireless residential security cameras)
  4. To capture surveillance in vandal prone areas (you need vandal-proof residential security cameras)
  5. To capture footage of areas which are dark like a warehouse or simply for night time surveillance as well as day time surveillance (need for infra red or LED residential security cameras).

Defining your needs early on will help you be able to select the appropriate residential security cameras for you without wading through tons and tons of cameras which don't fit your desired profile.

The next step is mapping the area you would like covered by the camera. This is very simple to do. All you have to do is physically go to the place you would like surveyed and look for the best vantage point for your camera. Again defining whether you want the camera to be clearly visible (e.g. as an eagle eye over your staff) or discreet (e.g. nanny cams) is important as it will guide you as to what camera to invest in. is the camera going to be indoors or outdoors? This is another important question to ask yourself as it determines what type of equipment to buy as well.

After mapping as above we now have to look at how easy it will be to place the camera where you would like. Some places may be very high off the ground or simply very far away from where you will be monitoring. Such places need the use of wireless residential security cameras.

Then of course do you need the residential security cameras to capture footage in the dark or only during daytime. Night vision cameras are available for use in residential areas and can be used for all the above types of surveillance. You can get color night vision cameras or black and white night vision cameras too.

I personally think the best residential security cameras are night vision cameras because in my view its always best to be able to capture footage any time of the day. I've gone through the trouble of finding the best night vision residential security cameras be they wireless, covert, baby monitors, nanny cameras, vandal-proof cameras or simple everyday surveillance cameras and have made it easy for those interested in getting one or more of these cameras.

Happy reading.

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