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The Front Door As Home Defense Product
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In the morning once it is time to leave you assume, with locking every one of the doors and windows, you leave your building secure and protected, you think.

Explanation is that generally people believe that a burglary will not happen to them because they are home at night.

The figures prove us something else.

Statistics on the other hand tell us different, every 15 seconds a burglary occurs.

And here is the big major conclusion, most burglaries will take place when no one is home in the day time.

  • Most burglaries are reported in the summer months of July and August.
  • February is proven as the month with the less burglaries.

An average burglar will try to get in and out as simple as they can. If there are more than 1 route to escape, your home is more at jeopardy of being visit by a burglar.What they are looking for is a "soft" spot in your house.

This means that they are:

  • Looking for a way to come in with the less amount of force.
  • The less noise they can make the better it is for them.

For the most part burglars come into your house or office through the front, back or garage doors.

The garage door is most of the time the weakest spot and the following one is the back door.

Reason is that both these doors, most of the time are not visible from the road.

That means that one of the more effective home defense products, to make your house fewer vulnerable is to look at your doorways.

It does not have to cost a lot of money and it want take an expensive company.

The most easy items you can do yourself.

The weakest spot in a door is the lock strike plate. Most of the time it is simply hold in place by the frame itself and the molding on the frame.

Through one hard kick it is most of the time easy to open these doors.

Visit your local hardware store and ask for a heavy duty strike plate with at least 4 screws.

With the growing popularity of sliding glass doors there is an other problem. They can be opened real easy.

A plain wooden stick like a broom handle can already make it a lot more difficult to open these doors.

There are also steel blocking devices called Charley bars and a look around in your hardware store will provide you with more choices and information.

If you have older sliding doors there is a different problem. They most of the time can be lift up and taking out of their track.

There are a number of anti lifting products available at any good quality hardware store and it is worth taking a look at that option.

Lowering the change of becoming the victim of a burglary, can be done by making it harder to open your front, back or garage door with some simple home defense products.

Before looking at other home defense products it is a good idea to look at the doors first. It is one of the best ways to make your house safe and secure.

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