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The Safest Choice For Close Protection And Body Guards Services In London
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The Safest Choice for Close Protection And Body Guards Services In London

The modern day close protection body guards are highly trained individuals with a unique set of qualities; individuals who are highly motivated and disciplined, with sharp minds and a determined attitude to effectively work within the team and capable of stringent preparations for any eventuality that the client may encounter.

The domain of the security teams spans in a vast area of expertise and every body guard is detailed and professional. In most cases, the close protection body guards’ services are widely based, from the senior business figures, VIPs, CEOs, Sports personalities, Celebs, Diplomats, Royals and everyone who’s going through a period of concern. Most of the companies offering such services ensure that they provide reassurance, peace of mind and mitigation of the risk. They are flexible enough to deal with the situations as they arise effectively and with minimal or no disruptions at all.

Your needs may include covert surveillance of discreet matrimonial situations. Investigator-security companies know how to catch a cheating spouse or confirm that they are not. Included in the list of close protection and body guards services are the security surveys, plain clothes security officials, threat assessments, guard force recruitment and training, asset recovery, extraction planning and safe house, professional body guards for personal and asset escorts and kidnap ransom services.

Security guard teams are selected at the company level and each person is categorized by the key skills and attributes that they are expected to offer to the client and the team. Each person undertakes a vigorous selection course to equip them with experience in their fields. Let’s look at some of the personnel on the team;

1. Security driver: these are specialists in their own right. They are fully qualified members of the close protection team, with wealth expertise in car handling and control, maneuvering and evasion.

2. The body guard: is highly trained and has extensive skills in close protection. They undergoes a vigorous training program and fully trained to cope with possible situations, which can be anything-from personal attack of the client to the mass crowed control.

3. Spotter: is another qualified member of the close security team, in most cases acts as an undercover and is placed in front position to the client. Their role is to blend in and evaluate the possibilities of threats. They act as eyes of the whole team and update body guards offering close protection if there is need for alert

Though close protection may seem an easy task, professional synchronicity is very crucial and often makes the difference. Each member of the team including close protection bodyguards must have a high level of trust towards the others so that they can concentrate on the field as “one eye” and ensure that they are 100% aware of all possible threats to a maximum degree.

The spotter (Sp) plays crucial role in updating body guards within a group of paparazzi and are blended in unsuspecting and normal nature. Their job is to position the body guards before the client moves and evaluates members in the surrounding area and ensures low communication with the main team. If something arises, professional body guards and the whole team always have a Plan B to see to it that their client is safe and secure.

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