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Top 3 Home Defense Products
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Top 3 Home Defense Products

A search on the internet for this topic will return a lot of answers that contain the word “gun”. It is my opinion that the most effective home defense product is not a gun. With this statement I probably have a lot of people disagreeing with me.

The, in my opinion, disadvantage of a gun is that for being effective, you have to wear it all the time. It want do you any good keeping it in a drawer in the bedroom in case of a home invasion. If you have to look for your gun in the middle of the night, when you hear someone in your house. Or even while taking a shower and your gun is in the bedroom.

What I am trying to say is that a gun can be a good home defense product as long as you keep it with you all the time. Personally I am not comfortable watching my favorite TV show with a gun strapped to my hip, or on the coffee table. Especially with kids running around.

A gun should be the last defense product to use.Just think about all the legal issues that you get into shooting someone in your house.There are many examples about that in the press.

There are a number of home defense products available at almost no cost..

The number one home defense product is awareness. Be aware of how your home look to a possible burglar.

  • Walk around your house as if you were a burglar.
  • Look for your weak spots.
  • Check your home defense plan.

The number two home defense product is prevention.

  • Keep your yard free of clutter
  • Plant some shrubs with thorns under your windows
  • Keep your valuables out of sight
  • Keep your doors and windows locked

The number 3 home defense products is: Home defense products. There are several ways to protect your house.

  • Door alarms
  • Window alarms
  • Wireless alarm system
  • Wired alarm system
  • Inside home defense products.

Doors and windows are in most of the case the way a burglar enters your house. It makes sense to secure them first with a door or window alarm.A wireless or wired alarm system can be used to call a pre entered number.This can be your personal phone, an alarm company, or even the local police.

The choice between wired or wireless is depending on your preference and maybe your specific situation.There are many systems available and there is always one that fits your special situation.Installed or self installation is also a personal option.

When all these steps fail it is good to find out who has been in your house. A hidden camera with DVR can be a good choice to do that. They come in all kind of products that we use in and around our house or business on a daily basis.

The build in DVR, with motion detected activation, will make it only record when something is happening. That will safe the use of the internal memory, and makes it easier to watch the recoding without going through hours of empty footage.

A few of the items they are available in are:

  • Wall clock camera
  • Air purifier camera
  • Clock radio camera
  • Boom box radio camera

These are just a few of the products that are used for a hidden cameras with DVR.

A search for home defense products on the internet will give you many more products.With the right products it is possible to protect your house or business without breaking the bank. Home defense begins outside and ends inside our house or business.

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