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New Self Defense Training Course For Women
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Have any of you heard of a program called R.A.D.? Neither had I until recently. R.A.D. Is an acronym for Rape Aggression Defense System and is the hottest self defense training course out there for women right now. This program does not rely on martial arts, but instead focuses on giving women the skills they need to protect themselves in dangerous real life situations.

Rape is one of the leading crimes that takes place in the United States of America. More and more women are looking for answers on how they can defend themselves against these terrifying encounters. This is where R.A.D steps in and takes the initiative.

The course takes women through classroom training where they are taught the basic techniques and skills associated with self defense. From there they move on to simulations of real life scenarios and are taught the best ways to react to any given situation. These real life situations may include walking down a sidewalk or waiting at a bus stop; typical places where women are targeted and attacked by criminals.

As the training goes on, as you would expect, the skills taught are more challenging and the situations become more extreme. The women taking part in these courses are really pushed and put to the test to ensure that they are given the right preparations so that they can rely on themselves in real life. The skills taught in this training course are real life savers.

The last scenario that the women are exposed to is so intense that the women are not allowed in the same room as the one taking the test. The trainers want to make sure that the women do not know what to expect, because this is what they will experience in the real world.

When it comes to women's self defense, this program is the real deal. No fancy this or fancy that, just hard hitting techniques that are real life savers. Over 250,000 women have taken this training program and the number keeps rising! The program can last anywhere from a minimum of 9 hours training time to a semester long. So the only real down side is for women who are too busy and cannot afford to set apart a few hours of their time. There is no at-home training DVD, so for those of you who do not have the time you may just want to stick with other non lethal self defense weapons. Either way you owe it to yourself to get the protection that you need!

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Learning "certain" techniques is better than nothing. However, life isn't static. A rapist isn't going to walk-up to you and say, "Okay, still remember technique #3? Great! Say when." Also, if you don't know how to use your emotions (positive or negative) to your advantage, your strikes will lose their effectiveness. These are two very important factors to consider when looking for a school or an instructor that claims to teach real self-defense.

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