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Any Man Can Date A Dime Piece, Step Your Game Up
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Any Man Can Date A Dime Piece, Step Your Game Up

Have you looked at a beautiful woman and think you can't get her? you’re wrong, a woman will always be attracted to man it’s in their nature, I don’t care if they are a DIME PIECE, any man is capable to pull a hottie.

The thing you must have is confidence , a woman can small confidence a mile away, and that is what turns them on, by sides power of course, but we will get to that later. A woman like a man that know what they won’t, and they get turned on, when a man take charge.

Being shy will only get you ugly women

Being Shy is for the afraid and non-confident, it looks bad on a man, if you are shy go to a public place like a mall, or a place that have people, that you never been to before, and will never go back.

Go talk to people about anything get some practice with communicating, do whatever it takes to get rid of that shy demon. being shy can hold you back from your goals and blessing, and an awesome girlfriend.

You better be looking fly

Your appearance must be up to par, you don’t have to wear expensive cloths like Gucci or louis Vuitton. Just make sure your clothes and shoes are clean, women don’t like a dusty dude, and cannot be seen with one, get your wardrobe game up if you want to pull a dime piece.

Where to find a dime piece

Now that you're groomed up, your swag is tight and bursting with confidence, with your clean and flyduds. It’s time to go get a fine lady, you can turn around, and bump into a model looking chick, they are not hard to fine. I will give you a few ideas on where to find a bombshell

Gas station - everybody that has a car will be needing gas sooner or later, all you need to do is park at a gas station and wait, and believe me you don’t have to wait long. There will be a dime piece pulling up soon, jumping her pretty ass out the car. That's when you pop-out the car, and let your confidence take over, make sure the gas station isn’t one that you go to all the time, because if you start a relation and it doesn't work, you want have to worry about running into her again.

Model auditions - This is another one of my favorite places to hook up with a gorgeous woman. At an audition the place will be filled with models, that you can pick from, like fruit in the garden of eden. Before you go to a model audition you better brush up on your fashion basics, case your future super fine wife ask you a question about the modeling event, you don’t want to look like you are there just to pick up woman.

Weddings - There will be pretty women feeling a little depress because they’re long to find somebody to make them happy.

Like I said earlier, you can find a dime piece anywhere, you don’t have to be afraid to approaching them, you would think men try to talk at them all day long, but in reality men be to intimidate by them so they pass up the opportunity to get the digits.

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