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How To Build Self Esteem: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!
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How To Build Self Esteem: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

I recently came across research which implies that almost all personal challenges we experience daily are rooted in poor self-esteem in certain key areas of life! Studies show that over 85% of people suffer from some form of lowered self-esteem, which means that only a mere 15% of us are living the lives we really want!

Our mind plays a very important part in how we think and feel about ourselves, and should be the first thing that we focus on when learning how to build self esteem. Our thoughts are so powerful, when you know how to build yourself self esteem by harnessing positive, empowering thoughts you can literally change your life.

The first important step in changing your thoughts is becoming aware the self defeating thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back. Identify the conditions or situations that upset or discourage you, then pay attention to how you think and feel about them. Your opinion of the situation and what you think it means, along with what you say to yourself shape your thoughts and beliefs, which can be positive, negative or neutral. If your opinion is based on facts, your thoughts and beliefs may be sound. However, if they are based on false ideas, they are irrational and baseless.

The next crucial step in changing your thoughts is to replace negative, false, destructive thoughts with positive, accurate, empowering thoughts by applying the following 5 proven strategies that really work:

  • Always forgive yourself for any mistakes that you make, for they are not reflections of you. Constantly remind yourself that making mistakes is all part of being human, and that it doesn’t make you a bad person.
  • Focus on the things that are going well in your life. Reflect on the positive ways you coped with difficult situations in the past and keep optimistic that you will succeed again.
  • Adjust your self talk to treat yourself with respect, show kindness and provide encouragement. Give yourself positive reminders like “This is a difficult situation, but I can handle it”
  • Use the negative thoughts that come to mind as an opportunity to practice a new way of dealing with them. As soon as a negative thought comes to mind, tell your self “Cancel, cancel!” and immediately replace it with a positive, encouraging thought.
  • Be proud and reward yourself for your efforts in making positive changes in your thoughts and beliefs. Also be patient with yourself for learning how to improve self esteem rarely happens overnight. With positive daily affirmations like “I totally and unconditionally love and accept myself just the way I am” to your self esteem will improve to levels you never thought possible until now.

I believe that in changing your thoughts, you change your mind, which is one of the key elements to building self esteem. Creating positive focus in our mind will increase our sense of well being and success in every area of life.

Now that you know how to build self esteem, don’t put it off any longer: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

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Great article Shirly...Wish I could not only forgive...But forget!

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