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How To Build Self Worth - 5 Simple Tips For Building Self Worth
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How To Build Self Worth  -  5 Simple Tips For Building Self Worth

Building Self Worth

You might be wondering what self worth is, the simplest explanation is self worth being the value you place on yourself. It's directly linked to having high/ low levels of self esteem and confidence so it is important to make continued efforts on building your self worth.

Your self worth will fluctuate based on different experiences and situations but there are ways of incrementally building your self worth through slight lifestyle changes. The key is to focus on doing the things that fill you with positivity and energy and bring about that "feel good factor".

The following are a few tips for building self worth daily:

Engage in activities you enjoy

Sounds so simple and it is, yet many don't make enough time to focus on the activities they enjoy. Engage in things that make you feel good about yourself afterwards and commit to making time for them daily where feasible.

Learn new skills

Developing new skill-sets is a great way to build self worth, the more you achieve the more confidence you'll gain in yourself and your abilities. There are plenty of options for developing new skills and gaining qualifications such as:

* Online coaching and training such as Open University courses

* Take evening classes at your local college or other means of tuition

Stimulate the mind

The brain is an amazing tool and can be trained! Reading for instance is a great way to stimulate the mind and keep it sharp. Perhaps you could consider writing? If you enjoy writing you could start blogging and submitting articles just as I am here. How about learning a new language? You could take an online course for learning a new language.

Focus on your strengths

Identify the things you're naturally good at and then work on strengthening these areas. Placing to much emphasis on your mistakes and the things you are not so good at will only lower your self worth, keep working on identifying and develop your strengths.

Do something out of the ordinary

Step outside your comfort zone once in a while and set yourself new challenges and goals. Engage in things you know you can achieve if you put your mind to it but don't set yourself up for failure. There's no need to go skydiving (unless you want to!) but just set yourself goals that require commitment and are achievable.

To sum up it's important to remember that self confidence, self esteem and self worth are all related. Essentially by improving in one area you're improving in another also, work on improving your self confidence and your self esteem also. Keeping striving towards becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled person and you'll naturally build your self worth.

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