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How To Gain Confidence In Yourself Without Spending A Fortune!
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How To Gain Confidence In Yourself Without Spending A Fortune!

Being confident in yourself can be quite a big deal! It can mean the difference between getting that job over the other candidates being interviewed or perhaps having the confidence to approach the opposite sex and work your charm. People who're confident in there-selves tend to be better conversationalists and have less resistance to taking on new challenges.

For many, gaining more confidence is something they would be more than willing to invest in books, courses and even attend seminars in order to achieve. While there's certainly no harm in educating yourself on how to be more confident in yourself it's certainly not the do all end all! Most of the information you need can be found online for free, it's just a case of committing time but more importantly committing to change.

Confidence isn't something that your gifted with although some people will naturally be more confident than others. It's a reflection of how you perceive yourself, this is usually derived from your past experiences and can be corrected by taking corrective measures. Even just a few simple changes can bring about profound changes and really help you gain confidence in yourself.

The following are a three great tips to help get you started in your quest to become more confident:


I'm going to be straight to the point and blunt here in what I say. You see first impressions really do count and your self imagery also plays a crucial role in how confident you are in yourself! How would you say you appear in the eyes of others? Do you always make an effort to look presentable? Do people comment on how you maintain a pleasing appearance?

Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself how would I appear in the eyes of others. Is it time for a shift in perspective and a make-over?

Like the saying goes "if you look you feel good". If you really want to become more confident in yourself then you need to first make an effort to ensure you're looking vibrant and fresh. No-ones saying you need a face-life or to completely re-kit your wardrobe but maintain your hairstyle, maintain your skin, wear fresh clothes and such like. This is a simple yet effective way to make you feel good about yourself and thus help you gain confidence in yourself.

Come across as a person with lots of confidence

Ever heard the saying "dress for success"? Sure you have but what does this saying actually mean? In order to gain the self confidence you need to achieve certain things you need to portray yourself as someone who's capable of doing so, both for yourself and in the eyes of others.

Let's say for example you are putting in for a promotion at work. This new position would mean you're leaving the office environment and meeting potential clients. How important is it that you seem self-assured and confident? How important is it that you dress to impress? Pretty important right? If you don't fit the bill as the ideal candidate then your chances are majorly reduced before you leave the interview room with your boss.

This doesn't just mean you should dress as a person who's got high levels of confidence for the interview! You need to adopt this philosophy across the board. A sales person is a great example of this, let's assume you're going to buy a new mobile phone and go down to your local store, the person who tends to your request is always dressed smarty and extremely presentable right? Yes, because they can maybe get promoted or perhaps increase their chances of earning a commission on the sale.

Who would you rather do business with? The person in a suit and shoes, or the person in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt?

Speak confidently

Another great way to gain confidence in yourself is to improve your vocal power. If you deliver a speech for instance and deliver it with confidence and assertiveness you'll soon gain the attention of your audience. This step goes beyond just speech though!

You need to work on your conversational skills. Try to maintain eye contact when speaking with others, even those you consider to be of high authority. Try and smile and add humor to a conversation, smiling alone is contagious and making others smile is a great way to gain confidence in yourself. Don't speak quietly and timidly, at the same time don't shout or speak aggressively.

To sum up the key doesn't lay within some magical book, course or seminar. Sure they may be able to provide some guidelines but you'll first need to overcome the boundaries in your own mind. Apply the three techniques for improving self confidence mentioned in this article and make continued efforts to improve on all three areas. Learning how to become more confident in yourself is an ongoing process, it will take time but is certainly within your reach.

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