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How To Overcome Shyness - 4 Crucial Tips For Overcoming Shyness
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How To Overcome Shyness  -  4 Crucial Tips For Overcoming Shyness

Would you consider yourself a shy person? Do you struggle to cope in social environments?

If you do consider yourself to be shy and are aware of being timid and possibly even fearful when faced with social environments then fear not! The good news is you needn't feel fearful or have to suffer from your shyness, you can start taking certain steps in order to overcome your shyness.

Do note that overcoming shyness is not an overnight process but with continued effort you'll slowly but surely win your war with shyness. As you become less shy you'll naturally gain more confidence and experience higher levels of self esteem. You'll be more willing to take on new challenges and engage in social environments you previously thought were beyond you. Even approaching the opposite sex and working the charm will become almost effortless, so it's well worth committing to making these changes in your life.

How To Overcome Shyness

There are lots of techniques and practices for helping you overcome shyness with many publications having been written on the subject. The real key though is consistency and a commitment to change, imagine yourself as the super confident person you desire to be and continually work on improving certain areas and you'll soon wonder why you was ever shy to begin with!

The following are a few suggestions that you can start putting into practice to aid you in your quest of ridding yourself of shyness.

Work on your inner-dialogue

One of the most detrimental factors to our mental projection of ourselves is our inner dialogue! Negative self talk can really have a damaging affect on your confidence and self esteem which will invariably have a negative impact on your social skills. Take note of your inner dialogue and actively work to weed out the negative and self destructive thoughts, especially those which relate to your shyness.

Use affirmations to counteract any negative thought patterns, each day when you wake up and throughout the day repeat an affirmation or set of affirmations that will help you remain positive and that are targeted towards helping you overcome shyness.

Example affirmation: "I, Ricky am becoming more confident in my ability to interact in social environments everyday".

Don't under-estimate the impact your internal dialogue can have!

The feel good factor

We all experience moments when we feel inferior and likewise we all experience times where we feel on top of the world. If it were a choice between the two you'd much rather feel on top of the world right? Of course you would. Unfortunately there's no way of making ourselves feel good 24/7 but we can take a few steps that will help us feel good about ourselves.

Consider the following as a few guidelines for bringing about the "feel good factor"..

* Take pride in your appearance - If you look good you feel good right?

* Engage in activities that make you feel good - Hobbies, being pampered e.t.c

Take risks

Step outside your comfort zone once in a while (preferably daily). Dare to take on new challenges and try new things that you maybe thought or "think" are beyond you. Doing so will boost your levels of confidence and self esteem. Work on setting new challenges that relate to your shyness, perhaps you could just start-out by maybe meeting new people online in forums, social networks e.t.c and work your way towards meeting new people in social environments such as a public house.

Learn to deal with rejection

Rejection is not a word I like but we all experience it from time-to-time, it's simply unavoidable and can have a significant impact in your journey to overcoming shyness. It may be that you're extremely shy around the opposite sex and fearful of being rejected if you ask for a date. If this is the case then understand that everyone has likes and dislikes, it's not personal and not a reflection of your looks or personality.

That's just one example, but learn to take "rejection" for what it is, not a personal matter but a difference in opinions, chemistry, beliefs e.t.c. Don't allow past rejections to stop you from trying again! In fact use rejection as a means to aide you in your quest to get over shyness, if you face rejection then try again, if rejected again then try again and keep trying till you get a result.

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