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How To Overcome Shyness By Improving Your Self Esteem
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How To Overcome Shyness By Improving Your Self Esteem

Whilst being shy is not directly inked with having low self esteem the two are somewhat related. Someone with low self esteem is much more likely to be shy and someone who's shy may experience lower levels of self esteem. Shyness is generally regarded by many as a fear of interacting with others yet it can sometimes be due to a lack in self confidence that causes people to refrain from social environments.

People who're shy tend to be self conscious and may worry about the opinions others hold about them. This is perfectly normal to an extent, it's when shyness becomes habitual and causes a person to become fearful that it can have a really negative impact in their life.

That's why it's important to understand the connection between shyness and self esteem. Sometimes just working towards overcoming shyness won't be enough, if self esteem is contributing to your shyness then you're much better off working on both your shyness and self esteem.

The following are a few practices that you can start applying to help you overcome shyness and improve your self esteem at the same time.

Take note of your positive attributes

What are the qualities about yourself that you and others like, what are your strengths?

Take some time to think about this step and grab a pen and paper so you can make notes. Don't write off any attribute as not being suffice, anything that you like about yourself counts. It could literally be everyday things that you take for granted and never really credit yourself for such as keeping a tidy home or being a good parent and family member.

The key here is to condition yourself to accept yourself for who you are. Sure you may not be good at certain things but we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, doesn't make us any less significant than the next person. As you identify your strengths you'll be able to see through the mist of your own perception and value your unique attributes and strengths better.

Work on your strengths

Focus on improving your strong areas. This doesn't mean you should completely eliminate your weaknesses but trying to better yourself in your weak areas and forgetting to focus on your strengths will have a damaging affect on your self esteem. Again grab a pan and paper and make note of your strengths, this time you want to identify which strengths help you feel good about yourself that you can engage in more often.

It really could literally be anything from cooking to organizing fund raisers. As you develop your strengths you'll naturally gain more confidence in your abilities and improve your self esteem. As people compliment you on your talents your shyness will naturally also have less of a grip over you and you'll feel less inferior around others.

Work on your inner-dialogue - ALWAYS

This final tip for improving self esteem and getting over shyness is one of the most effective practices and habits you can adopt. It actually goes beyond, confidence, shyness, self esteem and so on! You see a positive attitude can really help to eliminate the negative facets that are holding you back. If you tell yourself you're not good enough, not smart enough, not good looking enough times then guess what, you'll actually start to believe it on a subconscious level.

Try to identify the negative self talk and thoughts you experience when experiencing shyness and doubting yourself. What kinds of things do you say to yourself on a mental level? I bet it's negative!

Actively work to counteract and weed out any negative inner-dialogue and fill your mind instead with positivity. The next time you say to yourself; "I can't ask that person out on a date, they'd never be interested in me", take a minute to then tell yourself, "no such thing as can't only wont". Who knows, whatever the scenario, it may just turn out in your favor! Keep working on your inner-dialogue and you'll soon make it a habit to be positive and more confident yourself.

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