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How To Shrink Your Ego In Exactly 400 Words
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How to Shrink Your Ego In Exactly 400 Words

I think we have all had a problem at some time or another with our egos getting out of hand. We may not even be aware that are self esteem has become a bloated tick with a belly swollen with pride. When this situation arises, I suggest that you begin to write articles for Street Articles. How is this going to shrink your ego and control your self esteem you ask? Well, let me tell you.

"Where Writers Become Authors," is the website's slogan and actually not far from the truth. As a novice hack, I was hooked immediately. It had been so long since I had actually written anything, it took me hours to put thoughts to paper and arrange those thoughts in a format that was at least presentable. When I submitted it, I was relieved. I felt as if I were pushing a child into the world. My self esteem was good and my ego in check.

I must have checked my published status a 1,000 times before receiving my notification that I had passed submission. I was the proud parent of one published article. I had a five digit ranking. My ego began to show itself.

I poured over my next articles and spent hours developing their structure, design and flow. My initial success was not met with the passing success of my first article as I received rejection notifications for various violations. Success was slower, but it did come again. My ego swelled with each success and improvement in my ranking. I made the top 1000 in ranking.

As my writing speed and success improved I realized that I was not technically utilizing back links and comments to improve the business of my writing. I spent hours figuring out how to accomplish these tricks of the trade, and my ranking climbed. I made the top 100 in ranking.

I was now able to pound out articles with homogenized quality and garnered more readers with each submission. My ranking climbed to the top 10. Certainly, I was within reach.

I wanted to be number one. I searched the champion out. It took me days to go to the bottom of the page to find who the elusive number one was. When I found the top authors, I was crushed and I returned to Earth. Number one used selected back-links, pictures, and had written over 150 articles. Self Esteem controlled.

Thanks for Reading.

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  about 9 years ago
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