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Improve Your Self Esteem By Developing Mental Toughness
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Improve Your Self Esteem By Developing Mental Toughness

When people experience a traumatic episode in their lives it can have a terrible impact on them if their self esteem is already fragile. If you’re someone who regularly suffers from low self-esteem it’s really important that you start developing mental toughness that will stop you from getting stuck in a rut or spiral of despair and help you to recover from any difficult experiences.

In the past week It was reported that the American Actress Demi Moore was rushed to hospital having suffered convulsions after allegedly inhaling some sort of substance. There have also been numerous reports suggesting that since the breakup of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher that she has been drinking to excess and that she has found the breakup of her marriage and the recent death of a friend that she has found it difficult to eat and is suffering from an eating disorder.

Only Moore, her family, advisors and doctors really know the truth of what is currently wrong with her, but recent press pictures certainly appear to show that she has lost a great deal of weight off her already slender frame. She has also said that she has always struggled with body issues and finds it difficult to believe that anyone will ever really love her.

Moore, who may have enhanced her looks with some plastic surgery (something she has often denied) but she was always blessed with naturally good looks and is one of those Hollywood actresses that many people envy. However, what is apparent is that she has self esteem issues and at times in her life is very emotionally fragile.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation to Moore where your self esteem has taken a battering what can you do to improve your mental toughness?

Have belief in yourself

Easier said than done when you’re feeling fragile, but it’s important that you retain belief in yourself to recover and move forward whatever the circumstances. If you find it difficult to do make a list of all the things you have been successful at and make it visible to encourage you when things are difficult. It's up to you to take specific steps to increase your mental toughness.

Stay focussed

You may be experiencing temporary difficulties but you need to stay focus on what you want to accomplish whether it be at home or at work. You need to develop the ability to shift your focus as appropriate but not be distracted by what other people are accomplishing.

Keep motivated

Maintaining a desire to move forward can be difficult if your self esteem has taken an emotional battering. However it’s vital that you set yourself some goals to help you recover and keep track of every success. This will help you to stay motivated even when the going gets tough.

Keep composed

It’s important that you are able to handle stress and stay composed. Of course there are times when this is easier said than done but it’s all part of being able to manage your own stress levels and not let outside pressures adversely affect you.


If you suffer from low self esteem it’s vital that you take steps to improve your own mental toughness. This is not something that will come to you all at once. Like many things in life this is something that you will have to practice. Staying motivated and focussed takes energy but it takes a lot less energy than the amount you use when stressed because you haven’t developed the skills to be mentally tough.

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Informative article. I liked it and I think self esteem is a key factor in any sort of success.

  about 1 decade ago
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