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Learn To Love Yourself
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Learn to Love Yourself

Going through depression is very hard, your motivation diminishes and you feel like you are alone. There are many people who suffer from depression and do not get diagnosed because alot of people wont admit that they are depressed. It sort of creeps up on you. It can start by feeling stressed with every day life. These are usually money problems, losing you're job, relationship problems, unresolved issues from you're past. I myself have suffered depression so I know how it feels. I have wrote this article to help people. The advice I am giving has helped me. The first thing you must do if you are feeling depressed is visit you're doctor. You need to get it under control before it gets worse. You're doctor can also refer you to a councelor which will help quite alot. It will make you feel better knowing you can talk to someone about it. It's not always easy talking to your'e partner or family. It is alot easier to talk to someone who doesn't know you and it is all confidential. Below are tips to make you're life better and to improve you're mood. I hope it helps you.


If you have been abused or had a bad relationship it is important to forgive. Forgive the person who has hurt you and learn from it. This will make you stronger. Whatever has happened to you, you are a stronger person for it. You can cope with anything that life throws at you. You have become a kind and caring person because you have empathy for other people. You understand when other's hurt and you can help them. Forgive yourself. You are not to blame. You are the better person. You give happiness to other people in you're life. Without you, life would be missing a wonderful person. With forgiveness comes peace. Let's face it; we all need to feel peace in our life. Be strong.


Take a moment to think about the things you are thankful for. Your children, you're partner or friends. Why do they love you? It is because they think you are worth loving. You are a kind and loving person and worth knowing. Be thankful for the people around you because they are there for you when you are feeling down and they are there to support you in whatever you do.

Love yourself

When you are feeling jealous, remember why you're partner loves you. Remember the things they say to you when hes says you are beautiful or they say they love you and they only have eyes for you. You make you're partner happy and fulfilled, why would they want anyone else? Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself you are beautiful and you're partner loves you and smile. You are a lucky person to have found love.

Help others

You have alot to give. You have been there and it has made you strong. You can help others through you're own experiences. This in turn will make you to feel even stronger, and make you feel good about yourself. So many people out there have no one, no partner, or family who do not understand, no friends. You can be there for them, give them advice, and just listen. You understand and care. You are a valuable person. Do not waste that; help someone who really needs it. Remember you have been there, you know what it is like.

Find the real you

Write down all the things you like. The things you enjoy doing. For example, you might like drawing or painting. Join a class and indulge in that. This will give you a sense of individuality. It will improve you're self esteem. We all have something we are good at; maybe you will discover that you are good at something you never thought you were. You will discover new things about yourself that were hidden away. In time you will discover the real you and then you will feel complete and content with yourself. Maybe you could do a different job, which you never thought about. It is amazing what you will discover when you spend a little time writing things down. Good luck.

Put on a funny film

when you are feeling down put on a funny film, it is amazing what laughter can really do for you. When you laugh it produces endorphins, which is the happy hormone and can cheer you up for the rest of the day, it strengthens your immune system as well as make you feel happy. When you smile or laugh you cannot feel negative you're brain wont let you, so even a smile can produce these happy feelings so practice smiling yourself and see what happens. So go to them charity shops and buy some cheap funny films, watch one even if you feel you cannot be bothered, you will be glad you did.

Write down you're achievements

Think about the things you have coped with and got through. Think of all the times you have been strong in you're life. You have achieved more than you think. This strength has made you who you are today and why people love you. You will be amazed at how many things you have achieved when you start writing. Writing things down helps you understand yourself better.

Listen to classical music

When you are feeling down shut you're curtains and put on a classical cd or other slow relaxing music. Lie down and do some deep breathing as you drift off into you're own little world. Imagine floating on water, the sun shining down on you're face and the music filling you're whole body. How relaxing is that? I can see you now,you dont have a care in the world. Going in you're own little world or daydreaming makes you feel good, it is time out just for yourself, to recharge you're batteries. So daydream away!

Dance, Dance, Dance

Put on a cd and dance like mad, this will release all that pent up tension and emotion. It is great excercise too. Join a dance class, it will build up you're self esteem, you will feel more energetic, you will meet new friends or even the partner of you're dreams. You might discover you are natural at it and you will develop your own style and wow people. Dancing is a way of expressing yourself without having to talk about it. You will feel a great release afterwards and you will be glad you did it.

Dont be bitter

I spent my whole life feeling bitter towards my mother. I would ask questions in my head all the time, why did she let him do that to me? I hate her for that. It made me feel angry all the time. Deep down I knew I loved my mum but I just could not forgive her. Then one day I looked at things from my mum's side, I asked her why she stayed with him for so long and why she didnt leave him. She told me he controlled her and she was frightend of him. I realised then that he had totally controlled her and she was so scared to leave him because she really believed he would kill her. I also looked at her up bringing, which was worse than mine. she had been through so much pain in her life, I felt bad for her, and that is when I forgave her and started to feel love for her again. You will feel relief too if you learn to forgive and stop feeling bitter.

Be kind to yourself

Write down all you're good qualities, I know this is hard but really try. You will see a lot about yourself on paper that you would when just thinking about it. You have many qualities what you do not realise you have. Pamper yourself at least once a week. Buy some chocolates, watch a romantic film or other film you will really enjoy. Cook you're favorite meal or read a book. We all need me time to recharge our batteries. Sit in the garden and admire the beautiful flowers you have grown and just relax.

Write down you're feelings

Sometimes it helps to write down you're feelings. If you are feeling jealous or angry for any reason. Write it down how it makes you feel. This will help you, when you read it back to yourself; it will help you see things differently. You are also getting it off you're chest. It is amazing how much relief this gives you. You can look at what you have written and think more logically. When you think about what is worrying you repeatedly in you're head, you tend to build it up more and more which makes you feel more angry and upset. Little things that worry you can lead to bigger and more exaggerated things. Write it down before this happens then leave it for a while and go back to it. When you go back to read it you can think about why you feel jealous or angry and things will not appear as bad as you thought.

I hope this article has helped a little, and helps you to learn to love yourself and have a happier life. You are the most important person there is and you need to nurture yourself that way you can learn to love others too and you're life will be fulfilled. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths, the thing you need to do is concentrate on what strengths you have, these will overtake the weaknesses, and they will not dominate in you're life. You will learn to cope with life better and you will start to enjoy life more. Be strong, because you can have a better life and learn to find the real you inside.

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Can you forgive someone and still not want any type of relationship with them?

  about 1 decade ago

Yes you can, like I do with my sister, she bullied me for years, and the last straw was three years ago when she beat me up badly. I was very bitter for along time, but then after alot of therapy and alot of thinking, I thought, she is still ruining my life even though I dont see her. It was because I was frightend of her, worried about bumping into her, I just couldnt forgive her or trust her ever again, I really thought that. But slowly I just started to let go of the anger, the more I let go the more I felt I could forgive her. Learning to forgive releases you from that worry and anger. You are forgiving them because you want to move on with your own life, to start afresh. It will make you feel better, more than the other person. It will give you new strength and you will learn to deal with other difficulties in your life a lot easier than you ever did before. In time your thoughts might change about the person who has hurt you. Maybe in time you could have some sort of relationship with them, but this time on your terms, you will be in control not them. I have learnt to forgive my sister, I dont see her like I used to but we are not enemies anymore and I feel so much more at peace now within myself and you will too. What ever you do, do what is best for you. It is hard when it is your family who has hurt you, it is alot easier to walk away forever if it is a friend who has hurt you, I have done this myself, I have gotten out of friendships that were no good for me, there is no point in having people in your life who only ever cause you misery. Life is too short so look after yourself and listen to your own instincts.

  about 1 decade ago
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