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Little Known Secret To Improving Self Esteem Through Our Relationships
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Little Known Secret To Improving Self Esteem Through Our Relationships

The people we frequently interact with can have a significant impact on our self esteem. There are basically two types of people we come across in life: Nourishing people & toxic people. All self esteem is created relationships, whether at home with family, at work with colleagues or in social settings with friends. If you really serious about improving self esteem and dramatically changing your life, surround yourself with nourishing people.

We’ve all encountered one or more of them at some point in life:

  • people who drain the life out of you and never replenish your liveliness
  • People who tear you down instead of building you up
  • People who demand more than they are willing or capable of giving.

These are the toxic people in our lives who can suck the joy and happiness out of our lives like black holes in space. Avoiding toxic people is crucial to improving self esteem.Other familiar characteristics of these people that I have experienced you should look out for are:

  • Never accepts responsibility for anything and blames others for all their problems
  • Criticizes, belittles, or makes fun of you in the presence of others
  • Subtle, sarcastic put downs that hurt your feelings
  • Constant judging, gossiping or making nasty remarks about you or others around you
  • Always complains about life and takes their frustration out on you

One of the best ways to improve self esteem through the people you interact with should be very obvious by now: avoid toxic people. Sadly this may be easier said than done and may not always be possible.

Here’s a little known secret to improve self esteem by coping with toxic people effectively if avoiding them is not possible:

From my experience, if you stop resisting people judging and criticizing you trying to convince them that they are wrong, and just agree with them by saying “I understand how you could feel that way”, they'll stop attacking you for all their strength, efforts and energy is spent defending their negative opinions. This doesn’t mean that what they are saying is right, it just acknowledges a different perspective and opinion from yours and ends the discussion, as the toxic person has nothing left to feed on.

Given the importance of relationships in improving self esteem, surround yourself with nourishing people and develop positive relationships. You can accomplish this by getting a mentor. If you are going to be successful in self esteem building, it’s essential that you have people you look up to that have accomplished and know more than you do about the things that interest you. You have to hang around successful people if you want to be successful yourself.

If you are serious about building self esteem today, take a look at the people around you and avoid the “black holes” in your life. Remember if you want to fly like an eagle, don’t hang around turkeys! Minimize your contact with toxic people and surround yourself with nourishing people that encourage motivate and inspire you to achieving your highest potential in life.

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